Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Native American cha!/Political Correctness gone Amuck!

Thought I'd start out today's blog with my first Political Correct headline of November....

Anyway, today is supposed to be somewhat like "Indian Summer"...65 for a high, under sunny skies, light winds and dry conditions...tomorrow will see things cool off and maybe rain in the afternoon, however the weekend ahead looks sunny and pleasant.

I did get up fairly early{for me} this morning, and drove out to the lake to get some sunrise photos...nothing special, but with the clear skies, the fall sunrise was, while not spectacular, pretty decent...some of those photos are included on today's blog with descriptions at the end of same.

The yapping left and the paranoid right______

If you've been reading this blog long, you pretty well know I despise Liberals, especially left wing political types, but for the most part, Liberals in general are not worth my time.  They do have one thing going for them however, that being the ability to stifle free speech from their opponents.  Whether it is calling the right side racists, bigots, homophobes, hate mongers, members of the Nazi Party, etc...they know how to shut much of the other side up....of course with the willing help of the media, it becomes easier to shut down your opponents freedom of speech.  That is unless you are some old horse's ass like me, who really doesn't give a rat's ass what you think or what those to gutless to speak out think.

Witness the latest little gem from the left....and the cowering in the corner from the so-called Right.  A branch of the Virginia GOP sent out a brochure with the likeness of our Kenyan asshole of a President on it...well sort of a likeness.  It was Obammy looking much like a Zombie on the TV show, "The Walking Dead"  complete with skin falling off, and bullet hole, or a ass hole on his forehead, where his brains seeped out long ago.  The left jumped on that like stink on a Monkey.....crying foul {and what could be more "fowl" than the Kenyan and his supporters?}  Saying this was like wishing Obammy dead....well Hell, after all, the clown is already brain dead, as are his supporters, so what's the problem?  Anyway, here is the little fun with Obammy likeness that is causing all the stir:  

Again, what's the big deal?  Unless we want to destroy free speech and expression, like the have in Canada and Europe.

My plans, when done here, are to lift some weights, take my daily walk, a half hour or 40 minutes uptown via the post office and back....then?  Who knows?  I might just sit outback with the dog, and relax in the sun....who says retirement has to be boring?  Tonight I will take in my first local basketball meeting of the year at Van Wert....the scrimmage season for me, is just 13 days away, and I plan on enjoying those 13 days.

back later>>>> 

Photos-A Gull flies over the shoreline of Grand Lake this morning, just as the Sun begins it's ascent about the eastern shore, so 10 miles away...The second photo showing that the usually smooth waters on the west side of the lake, where a bit choppy as the sun was rising.  The offending Obammy portrait...which really isn't at all....and finally from the state park down West Bank Road, the before sunrise travels of various commercial jets left their marks.

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