Thursday, November 3, 2011

Earl Brown{1901-1920} of Scott, Ohio, Revisited

Yesterday ended up 65 with a southern breeze and plenty of sunshine mixed with a few high white dawned mostly cloudy, temps in the mid to upper 50s with rain arriving from the southwest by nightfall, or earlier...pretty seasonable from here on out for the rest of the week.....

Our friends Rick and his wife Toni dropped by for a few minutes yesterday, after their visit with Rick's mom, who stills lives in Celina at the old homestead, where Rick lived when he and I met, while working at Marsh Supermarket, back in our high school days.  I was on the phone when they arrived and Rick was looking at my large photo of "Earl Brown" hanging on my wall....I was going to retell the story of "Earl" when I got off the phone, but we got into other things...Antique Desks and Snow Blowers, and I forgot about it until after they had the morning, I sent him a link to the blog I did about Earl and the photo, and how I came into it's possession....this retold blog post is from January 1969:  {Click Link Below}

Just shows that sometimes, even long after you have passed, there is a chance, weather by accident or by design that someone will dig up information and a story about you....the truth of the Russell Earl Brown photo/portrait is that it was one of the things that awakened me to my own roots, and was a big factor in me getting started on my Genealogy Research of the Houseworth Clan, that research began in 1998, about the time I hung "Earl" on my living room wall.

My Genealogy Research is in blog form itself.....and can be found at this site:

I got my first local basketball rules meeting in at Van Wert last night....that season is just around the corner....back later>>>>

Photos-Earl Brown posed for this photo/portrait with his toy Steam Engine Train at the age of 5 in 1906...and his death certificate from drowning at the Scott Quarry in 1920 at the age of 19.{not the date of birth says 1920 but is wrong, that was his death year, his birth was 1901}

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