Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waiting on Kasyn....part 1

After the rain moved out yesterday, the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees from the afternoon high of 60, by was  cool and windy, with a spit or two of snow as I drove back from Van Wert, where I attended another local rules meeting for Basketball officials...just five days away from my first scrimmage of the season on November 15th.  The long regular{lasting until late February} begins over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Waitin' On Kasyn____

Our youngest son Hal and his wife Lisa are expecting our first Grandchild this month...Kasyn Timothy is his name, and like his dad, it appears he will be a big one....3 weeks away from the due date, Kasyn is already 7 pounds 12 oz...meaning if he went full term, he will weigh about 9 pounds at birth!!  The parents-to-be were back at the doctors yesterday to make sure all was addition to being in the high percentile for size, they told the couple that the boy has a big head and waist...I don't know about the waist part, but if any of you know the Houseworth men...we all have pretty good sized melons on top of our shoulders.  None of us can fit a "normal" size ball cap on our heads.  In addition to having a heavy head, Hal himself is hardly on the small size...about 6' 4" and some 250 my guess is, there is a good chance that young Kasyn will be a big baby, size wise, and eventually a pretty good size adult.  After all, even though I'm average height at 5' 11'(or I used to, I may have shrunk an inch or so}, the boys, both Hal and Kasyn's "Uncle Sam" are pretty big guys...Lisa's dad and brothers, are more like me...average height and weights, so anything is possible, but for now, I predict our first Grandson to be a "biggie".

Anyway, Lisa is ready for child #1 to be here....and Hal and some of his Celina and College Buds posted videos on facebook, all in fun, to encourage Kasyn to "Hurry Up" is future father Hal: {click on links below} 

At least 5 more friends have posted as well including Stu "rapping" Kasyn to come out:

You can find more, just type in "Kasyn Hurry Up" on you tube and quite a few videos should pop up....

So we are all ready for the grandson to be here....I'm sure Lisa more than anybody...her first child is going to be a big boy...and it appears by all signs he is ready to join us before Thanksgiving....

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Photos-{top} Hal and Lisa, when Kasyn was about 5 months along, in late July at his cousins wedding in Wisconsin....and me and Hal, back in 1986, when Hal was 2, and I was a lot younger, sitting on the Suzuki MC, when living on the farm on the banks of the Coldwater Creek.

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