Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day and Dartball "Kick Off"

"WOW"~That is about the best way to describe this Election Day weather in Western Ohio....no excuse not to get out and vote, unless of course you have nothing to vote on but a~holes and jerkwads.  The high today may reach 70 under most sunny to partly sunny skies.   Frankly even though there is rain to our west and northwest, the temperatures, while scheduled to drop, will not be cold...things look normal to above for the foreseeable future, at least looking out 10 days.

Election Day 2012_____

Locally we have city council, mayor, and others to vote on who it appears more than willing to tax and spend us into oblivion, all for their own ego and glory....I won't say who I voted for, only because, I had to hold my nose when casting my ballots this morning.  On our one local issue, the city of Celina got a 1/2% tax increase a year or so ago...saying the city was in desperate need, once we suckers passed that approval to increase income taxes from 1% to 1 and 1/2%...lo and behold the City Auditor "discovered" a windfall of over 1 Million bucks.   And soon as that happened, the Fire and other departments already had dreams of spending that money on new equipment.  Others wanted to buy buildings, to be torn down for unneeded and unwanted public parking.  Meanwhile the streets and allies continue to go to Hell.   So thanks to some concerned citizens, the issue to roll back that tax to 1% is on the ballot....do we as a city need that extra 1/2%??  Probably, but the lies coming out of City Hall have made even the most gung-ho city supporters jaundiced to what is going on.

I'm guessing the repeal is going to win, and I'm guessing the City Auditor, a Democrat{now there's a surprise}, is going to be shown the door today by the voters....

Meanwhile to the State level, we have Issues 2 and 3....Issue 2 if it fails, will undo the work that Gov Kasich and the GOP has done to gut the utterly corrupt public teachers union and other public unions power....that power needs to be gutted.  Gawd Damn It...these clowns are using our taxes, especially property taxes, to fund their BS and Obama's BS....the NO votes sadly probably will win, mainly because of an ignorant voting block, and the wording of the ballot...where a NO means YES....go figure?

Issue 3 a yes vote will confirm Ohio's hate of Obama Care....not sure if it really means much, but if passed with a YES, it will send a message to our Marxist Kenyan to "Shove It'...and hopefully the US Supreme Court will do the right thing and put Obama Care out of our misery.  The Results Tomorrow!

Dartball Season Begins_____

Most Monday nights between now and mid March, I will be at St Johns or one of the other area churches tossing darts at a board that looks like the one pictured here.   Last night I began my 17th year of tossing underhand darts at the big board, as we traveled north to Mount Tabor Church....our mix of  guys as young as 11, and old farts as old as 93, took two of three games in the series to kick off the season.  Gotta give a thumbs up to Martin Fancke...he turned 93 years young on Sunday, and has been playing in the Wabash Valley Dartball League since it's inception in 1937.  Martin was still batting above .300 in 2009, and although he slipped down into the .260 range last season, he continues to be someone who can collect a hit when we need him.

As for me....I took a one dart out on the first pitch I threw to begin the season, and the proceeded to collect 6 straight hits, including 2 triples and a couple of RBIs....I cooled off somewhat but still finished the night 7 of 12 for a .636 batting average, with 3 RBIs to go with it....next week we kick off the home schedule.  I will be working basketball on some nights and will arrive late, but for the most part, my Mondays will be pretty well taken up with darts and basketball for the next 4 months.

Off to walk...gotta get out and enjoy this Indian Summer weather, for as long as it lasts....

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