Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mixed Bag Election/Mixed Bag Weather....

The Election is over, and the results are a mixed bag, especially here in Ohio.

As predicted Issue 2 failed, or the public unions/teachers unions won, keeping their rights to bankrupt and blackmail the populace of the Buckeye may not matter in the long run,  the law is being reworded and reworked and those unions will still have to play by the rules....the taxpayers in this over taxed, dying state will win in the end.  Liberal Freeloaders be Damned!  Issue 2 was poorly written, and with NO meaning YES, I'm sure many were confused.....either way, it's not as bad as it could be.

Meanwhile Issue 3, the vote to abolish Obama Care passed with flying colors....2 of 3 voters in Ohio told The Kenyan Marxist to shove his Health Care up his largest orifice...and we are not talking Moo~Shell's big butt.  The US Supreme Court will have the final say, but Ohio is on record...."No Obama Mandated Health Scare Here".

Locally in Celina, the Democrat Auditor who butchered the books and "found" and extra $1 Million after the City Council used scare tactics to get an extra 1/2% income tax increase, was shown the door...she was defeated easily by her Republican challenger.  However, the voters rejected a roll back of the tax???? What the Hell were they thinking?   And the City Council, who has guided us into this train wreck will remain the same....not a lot of difference in the lone challenger and the 3 incumbents, so we will continue down this track....for now!

Walking Weather____

Yesterday was just about perfect for an early to mid November day...I don't think it reached 70, but mid to upper 60s with a southern breeze was pretty nice.  I got out and did my 45 minute walk over to and around the County Fairgrounds....snapping some photos and taking in the stench of the large dairy farm on the southwest side of the city.  That was the lone fly in the those barns and depositing the dung is necessary, but when it happens, and the breeze is from the south and southwest, the smell takes away for the outdoor delights.

I had the windows open throughout the house, but had to light the fragrant candles to get rid of the Cow Pie Oder.  By late afternoon, Reagan the aging Airedale, and I went to the back yard, I took some photographs of the flowers and Ivy, as they make one last colorful stand... then I poured a couple of Dark Abby Ale brews, and lite a Cigar...that pretty much ended my day...damn, retirement is pretty nice.  No money, no problem!
Today began with rain, another dousing came overnight and appears to be letting up as I type.  Cooler weather is on the horizon for the rest of the week.

Tonight I head to Van Wert for another basketball rules meeting....other than that, not much on the agenda...except dropping a few pounds.  I've gained about 10 back of the 30 I lost over the past 2 years...I know why, despite the increased workouts, you can't fool Ma Nature and age....some cutting back is on the docket, I've just got to figure what to cut back on...that is the hardest part.   Beer?  Not a chance....

back later>>

Photos-From the Backyard and Fairgrounds.....A late season Honey Bee takes pollen off the backyard Marigolds yesterday afternoon, meanwhile on the back of the garage, the climbing Ivy has turned a bright burnt Red.  On my daily walk at the Fairgrounds, these are the views of November...most of the large maple and other trees have shed their leaves, but some of the smaller young healthy ones are holding on as long as they can.

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