Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bug....

Not sure if it's the flu or cold, but one thing for sure, it sucks....

A raw windy day on the ball diamond at Paulding yesterday, but other than some congestion I made it through the 2 hour game...a 8-2 win by visiting Ada, who had been beaten just last Thursday in a league game 42-4, giving up 25 runs in the first inning...they also were outscored 32-2 on Saturday in a double header.  The visiting Bulldogs jumped out early and won going away over the host Panthers...not without some complaining directed at me by the youthful Paulding coach however.  It did seem most of the close calls went against his team, but you know what?  You call them the way you see them, and I'm pretty sure I got all of them right....regardless of what he may have thought....besides, when you lose 8-2, those calls didn't make a hill of beans difference in the outcome.

After the game, on the way home...taking the back roads from Van Wert, I felt wore down from the constant 40mph winds that blew during the contest.  By the time I showered, had a bite to eat, and poured a beer, I knew something wasn't right...a couple hours later, I knew I probably had caught what my mom had...I stopped by her place yesterday and she was pretty much "out of it"....this morning I figured out that I had been messing around on her computer on Sunday, and most likely had picked up what she had, from the keyboard and mouse contact.

About 10 or 12 years ago, I had changed my eating habits, workout habits, and vitamin intake...and as a result, I have not had the flu since the beginning of the new century, and the handful of cold I had acquired, were the day long and mild variety....Not so with this one!  It's a full blow something...not sure it it's the flu or just a nasty head cold...but it sure stinks.

Game slated at Ottoville tonight....and I will probably try to work it, despite the way I feel...but I will be hitting the hay early....and let you know how it all goes tomorrow.

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