Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Staples Come Out? And Other Rambling Thoughts.....

I will head to Lima this afternoon, as I am scheduled to get the metal staples/stitches taken out of my neck...two weeks is the usual length, but playing by their time and rules, mine have been in almost 3 weeks since the Carotid Artery surgery, and my surgeon is not even doing the removal work...

Looking back at the past 19 days, I think of things I could have/should have done differently.  First would have been to take the first two weeks off, without doing games....instead of going back 11 days after surgery.   Three weeks out from the surgery probably been much better.  The voice, throat, and ear issues may have gotten better faster, but then again maybe not, plus I am stubborn, and not one to follow advice, especially my own.

I am looking forward to getting these rods out of my neck...not so much for looks, Hell I gave up on worrying about that long ago....but so I can figure out how to rid myself of this extra neck hair....sure can't shave it for awhile...can't use removal cream, that would burn the Hell out of it.....guess I can only clip it close for now, and wait until the healing process is complete.

Other Thoughts for Today____

Mom, who will be 88 next week, returns from her Florida winter today, brother Mike and her should be arriving by car in the next few hours....Patricia and I mowed the lawn, well Patricia mowed, and I put stuff in the garage, and moved out some of the porch and carport furniture....the winter was so short and mild, we could have left it out all winter.

I will send in the taxes for the City of Celina today....bastards!  While we took care of our taxes long ago, got our returns from the State and Feds back a month or so's the City that we own money.  Why?  Because frankly they don't know how to they managed to sucker the voters{sure the Hell not me} to increasing our personal income taxes...while at the same time, refusing to do a "tit for tat" to those residents who work out of town...meaning my wife not only pays St. Henry taxes where she works, she also pays Celina income our bill was an extra $385, which includes $305 underpayment and $80 for the 2012 quarter.  So what these sons a bitches are doing is collecting taxes before you even work or get paid....Barack Obama and the left would be so pleased!

So my wife, being one who likes to get things cleared off her desk, writes a check for $385 back in February....the check, dated 2/14/12 is still in the folder.  I'll be damn if I will pay that freaking tax any sooner than necessary....just in case the world ends.  I at least want to screw them out of that!   I figure I might want to send it in 10 days early....because frankly, I might just forget about it, then they would penalize us.... they can choke on that amount 10 days or so early.  Don't spend it in one place...and I'm sure it won't be on city streets.  The local streets and alleyways, unless you live in the 'right' part of town, look like they are in a war zone.

With no game tonight, due to the staples getting removed, I will be off until tomorrow when Garry, who is taking my place at Crestview tonight, and I will work at Van Wert in the WBL opener.  I had planned on crawling behind the plate...but I know just how hard the kid from O-G can throw, and I don't plan on getting hit by him or a hard foul.  The MLB and College scouts are at his games, at least they were at Fort Jennings Monday, when he was behind the plate...he will be the starting pitcher tomorrow.   My next venture behind the dish will be on Saturday, when Sam, home for Easter from Ohio State, and I will work a JV double header here in Celina.  When those games are over, we will meet up with most of the family members at sister Marty's place for our Easter get together, a day early.

Yesterday's game was moved from Continental to their opponents field.  Although it was sunny in Celina all day, the northern area was raked with strong storms, which included hail and heavy rain.  So instead of driving 55 miles each way, I made it 66 each way...getting home just before 9 last night.  That will be my longest trip of the spring baseball season.

One note on coaches....of all sports, but especially baseball.  Having been one myself for many years, I see both sides of the issue...I used to bitch and yell....and frankly I don't mind a coach yelling.  What I do hate is whining....don't come out, and whine, telling me you "know that the call was this way or that way".  You want to yell?  Fine, yell, don't whine, don't get personal, and don't tell me you could see something better from 100 feet away, than I could from 3 feet.  I freaking hate whining!  If your second basemen short arms a tag, it's his fault, I'm not giving him the call or you....I might be 63 years old, have staples in my neck, but I still can see.  I can't yell these days because my voice is not what it was....but it will come back, and when it does, and you "whine", you are going to hear it.

back later with photos of the "staple free" neck>>>>

Photos-Hopefully by the time I pen this blog tomorrow, the staples will be long gone, and I will be on the Healing Road...The early Spring,  combined with the warm Winter have let the Lilac bloom early and kept the back yard squirrels fat...a handful have spent most of the Winter and early Spring, feeding with the backyard birds....and if you are going to argue a call or opinion, argue it, like this guy, don't whine....sure, I'll likely kick your ass out or sit you on tbe bench, if you go to far, but at least I'll respect you.


FHB said...

Zipper Neck! That looks a tad uncomfortable. You can always tell people you were stabbed in the neck... "But you should have seen the other guy!"

Jerry in Texas said...

Ah man, FHB beat me to the punch with the ZipperNeck comment. Hope you're getting better every day!