Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday April 13th....looking back

A Friday April the 13th is upon us....cannot say anything bad about it...youngest son Hal was born back in 1984 on a Friday the 13th...which happened to be his Grandmother, my Mom's 60th as Hal turns 28 today, Mom turns 88...

Speaking of that date, it was the day that Pete Rose, wearing a Montreal Expo uniform, not a Reds or Phillies, got his number 4000 hit....he would break the record in a Reds uniform some 17 months later in Cincinnati.

An early riser.....

I have been up since 2:30 or so this morning....old Reagan had issues through the night, and once I took care of the aging Airedale, entering her last days, I tried, but failed, to get back to sleep....fruitless it was, and I got back out of bed, showered and ate an early 4:30am.  It will be a long day as I am not much for naps.  This afternoon I am back to Van Wert for the second straight day, as VW takes on Kenton, in a WBL match up.  Last night, the host Cougars, beat perennial power Coldwater 12-1 in five innings....probably one of the few times the Cavs have been run ruled in many years...I certainly cannot recall the last time that happened.  Tomorrow, if the predicted rains stay away, I have a single game at Crestview at 2pm...a late start due to SAT or ACT Tests in the state.

Last nights contest did see me work my third straight game behind the plate....and it seems that I am getting much more comfortable with the new helmet mask and extra protection it affords me, after the recent Carotid Surgery....the worst wound so far this season, in my five games behind the plate, was on Tuesday night, when I took a fastball off the catcher's glove on my left wrist....that still is swollen, but not broken.

Lake Photography....

With the early rise, I did get out and snap a few photos around the lake....much of it was the same old stuff, making me think that I have to find a few new spots come this summer to shoot photos in and around Grand Lake....some of this mornings are attached on today's blog.

We are still watching Hal and Lisa's pups.....they will pick them up on Sunday, as for Reagan, if she survives until then, I will have to make a painful decision soon thereafter.....she cannot go on like this.  She doesn't appear to be in pain, but she is losing her functions and not eating much.

enjoy your weekend.....back later>>>>

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