Thursday, April 19, 2012

Class Reunions, Everyday is another Day....Race Baiting 101

Finally a day wearing short sleeves.....

Worked a non league varsity game at Delphos yesterday, St. Johns out of the MAC hosted Lima Bath out of the WBL....not many rain outs and both teams dug deep into their bullpens.  Surprisingly both hurlers pitched well, at least into the fifth inning, with the score at goose eggs 0-0 in the bottom of the first, host DSJ plated 3, and added six more in the 6th, to coast to a 9-0 win.  I worked the bases again, letting my partner, working his first game of the week, take the plate....same story tonight, with Sam coming from Columbus, we will head to Allen East, some 45 miles east and north to work a NWC game between the host Mustangs and visiting Delphos Jefferson.  Sam can have the dish, I'll take the bases, then with tomorrow nothing on the schedule{except thunderstorms}...I will mow the lawn early, and kick back the rest of the day, perhaps trying one of the hand rolled Cigars that Garry brought me back from his trip to New Orleans.

Saturday, with it appearing a prom night, our double header at Wayne Trace, begins at 9am!!! meaning I will have to pull out of the driveway about 7:45am...hopefully be done not too far past 1pm...but with the pitching stretched to a limit, you never also looks like Saturday, if the fields are dry, might be a cold one.....lows in the 30s for Friday night/Saturday morning....brr... 

Facebook fiasco...Race Baiting 101

I have some 1800 "friends" on the social network Facebook...frankly most I wouldn't know from the Man in the Moon, if I ever met them....of those 1800, which rises and drops by a handful each day, depending on whom I piss off with my comments, or please with other rants, there are a dozen or so "left of center" types....some I know from the Vietnam groups, some from the local area, and a handful of left leaning family members ...there are other "moderate' types as well...the vast majority of course are hard rock Conservatives.

The few lefties that challenge our belief that Barack Obama is a "gay Marxist, Kenyan born, half breed, half witted, Islamic terrorist, child molesting, son of a Kansas whore"...have been getting real shrill of late.  Telling all of us that think Obammy should be shipped back to Africa, or better yet, hanged from a white Oak Tree for treason, if convicted of course....that we indeed are racists.  Never mind the fact that I despised Bill and Hillary equally to Barry and Moo~Shell, or the fact I despise political class of  liberals to the Nth degree, regardless of skin their warped minds, we just have to be "Racist" because we aren't enlightened enough to worship their ebony skinned "Messiah"....

As I tell them, and will tell anybody that asks....I despise that SOB in the White House, in fact IMO, he is the racist, who is dividing this country by race, religion, and personal wealth...frankly I'm not sure why some of them hang around....not like they are going to convince me or other like minds, that their BS is legit?  But hang around they do....and I let them.  Perhaps they think if the can get me mad enough I will say something that appears "racist" that, I am sure I have done that many a time....let's be honest, we all are bigots/racists in one way or the other....anybody that believes otherwise is living in a fools paradise.  We may not want it to be that way....but it is, has been, and likely will be...even thousands of years down the road.  Even if and when we are a world of equally mixed races, there will something else to divide us.....and even though none of us will be around{unless you are into reincarnation} you can bet that will be the case.

45 year Reunion....

I receive in the mail last night a post card from some long forgotten, except by name, classmates of the graduating class of 1967 from Celina High School...telling me to "Mark Your Calenders" for October 6th...seems the CHS Class of 67 will be having a 45th reunion that date...damn does time fly.

I have attended exactly one reunion since they began some five years after we graduated...that was the 20th at the American Legion back in 1987....I planed on going to the 30th in 97, but was involved in a baseball tournament which ended late, and being hot, tired, and sweaty, I oped for a few cold beers on my front porch, instead of checking out the people I really didn't hang out with so many years before.  Will I go to this one?  Off hand I will probably not attend....I live in Celina, and really don't need to return to the hometown to see how all of us "hicks" are surviving in Dullsville, America.  But I might change my mind, after all, I have over 5 months to think about it....actually I thought if I survived until the 50th reunion, the herd would have been thinned enough that I might stand a few hours mingling with people with bigger waist lines and thinner hair lines than mine, whom I stopped seeing a couple of generations ago.

I see a few class members on occasion, still am friends, some here, some out of town, with a handful...but frankly, those days in high school, were the jumping off point for me of that life.  I have always felt more akin to the kids I went to Elementary and Junior High School in Venice, Florida,  than most of those I shared time with in Celina...and frankly I have more contact with most of them...via e-mail, facebook, and the blogs....but then again, October 6th is a long way in the future, I may change my mind.

back later>>>>

Photos-A few good warm days, then a cool down with some rain over the coming weekend in the Grand Lake region....Cigars, good Cigars, are a luxury....Garry brought me these back from his trip with wife Lisa to New Orleans....I have yet to smoke any due to the recent Carotid Surgery...but hopefully if the weather cooperates tomorrow, I might sit outside and finally fire one cigar since October, and I could use a good smoke. Make no mistake who the real racists are....Obama, and his posse'...White Liberals are along for the ride, it goes hand in hand with them, those white liberals, being the most naive and dumbest sons a bitches on the planet...look no farther than Europe and see what a craphole it has become due to Political Correctness.  And the 45th Reunion at Celina is set for this fall.....will I go?  Probably not, but you learn never to say never.

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sam said...

Hey Brother , Do these Lefties have Anything they can brag on as a Positive with what Obama has done the last 4 years ? I cant think of any . They have no other recourse than to play the race card . its all they have .