Wednesday, April 18, 2012


That's the way I'm feeling today...beam me up Scotty!

Still gotta believe the Plavix and BP meds are mostly responsible for the tired feeling of late...if not the blood work next month will maybe shed some light on it....or maybe, the post surgery recovery is just slower than I hoped.

Last night's game, which I worked the plate, was at Ottoville against Leipsic ...the visitors, 14 wins and 1 loss on the season came out on top in a quick 1 hour 25 minute contest...the usual minor bitching about my strike zone, was about all I can remember, otherwise it was a smooth contest.  Gotta love the K zone bitching...guess they are not used to somebody with one my size....guess they better figure it out, because it's not getting any smaller.   "Swing the Gawd Damn Bat", I hate walk-a-thons....I think there was one walk last night, and I rang at least 8 or 9 batters up on called third strikes...once again..."Swing the Bat".

Tonight I work at Delphos St. Johns, a non league game with Lima partner is out of Lima, 14 years experience, whom I have never worked with....which with that many years experience, is a surprise.  We are scheduled to work together later in the season, at Delphos, as well.  Tomorrow, Sam runs home from Columbus, and we will work a NWC game between Allen East and visiting Delphos Friday, when the rains are scheduled to move in....if things are dry, I have a double headers at Wayne Trace on Saturday...At 9am!!!  I suspect it must be prom night for one or both schools....otherwise things wouldn't be teeing off that early.

Think I'll head out and get some sun...and try to wake up.

back later>>>>

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