Friday, April 27, 2012

Bugs, Wind, Hockey Playoffs....

Despite skipping yesterday on the Blogging Circuit....I survived, and was back on the baseball diamond by yesterday afternoon.  I was at Botkins down a few miles on I-75, the only game south of Grand Lake, other than the District Tournament at Coldwater, that I have on my calendar this Spring season.   Cold Bug, Flu Bug, or whatever the Hell it is, is still with me...usually worse after coming home from umpire work, not so bad by the early afternoon, if I get a decent nights sleep...regardless, it sucks.

I have to say, the last 6 weeks, yes it has been 6 weeks today, since I got my carotid artery cut open and stint placed in the right side of my neck, have been pretty miserable.  Yes, I did get back out on the ball fields, probably too soon.  I resumed much of my usual activities, other than baseball, which included beer drinking, blogging around on the computer, and enjoying the outdoors, out my back door, when the weather was worth venturing outside.  But frankly, it just has not been the same.  The medications have made me tired, at least that is what I'm guessing is the cause, so I have not resumed my workouts in the basement weight room...I was, in my mind, was moving forward, feeling "ok", and not discouraged...until Monday evening, when I came down with "The Bug".  The smart thing would have been to shut down the games and stay home....that, if you know the workings of the contract system, is easier said than done.  Most nights, except perhaps Wednesday, you cannot find umpires that are qualified to work varsity games on short notice...sure I could stick the Athletic Directors with that task....but that's not me.  I've worked too many years and seasons to leave these guys holding the bag...I don't get the tournament and league assignments I do, because I can't be relied I am pushing forward, "Bug" or no bug, and hopeful of a rain out for tomorrow, because it looks like the weather for Saturday is going to be awful.

At Fort Jennings tonight for a Putnam County League game with Kalida....then tomorrow a 10am single game(moved down from a double header) at Paulding vs Elida{not to be confused with Kalida}...40 degrees with rain showers are predicted at game you know why I am rooting for a rain out.

The NHL Stanley Cup round #1 ends...Flyers move on vs New Jersey____

The first round of the NHL dragged on last night, as Flyer fans waited for their round two opponent to be named....we knew it would not be the Rangers, whether they won or lost.  When the New Yorkers pulled out a 2-1 regulation win over Ottawa in game 7 of their series it came down to Florida or New Jersey.  If Florida won, the series would open in Miami, if the Devils won game 7 on the road, they would open the Eastern Semi Finals in took 2 overtimes, but New Jersey pulled out a 3-2 win, after blowing a 2-0 lead in the 3rd three teams from the same Atlantic Division, New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, will make up 3/4th of the Eastern Semis...joined by the Washington Capitols.  New Jersey and the Flyers are the last of the four series to start...Sunday at 3pm.on NBC.   Nashville and Phoenix kick the West off tonight in Arizona.

Here is a preview of the Flyers/Devils match up

Don't forget the Fort Wayne Komets____

While the NHL moves into the second round, in the long drawn out Stanley Cup Playoffs  ... The minor leagues don't  take nearly as much time.  And my favorite, since I was a kid,  the Fort Wayne Komets, have moved on to the finals of the CHL against the Wichita Thunder:

The Komets and their play-by-play announcer Bob Chase have been around since the early 1950s, and Fort Wayne is, year in and year out, the top attended minor league hockey team around.  This year was no exception, averaging 8000 fans per contest in the War Memorial Coliseum.

So that's my plan as I recover from "The Bug" some Hockey, umpire some baseball, and hopefully watch the weather warm least that is what they are saying...of course rain may come along with the warm as we move into May, what else can you expect.....perfect weather?  That's not going to happen in West Ohio....back later>>>>

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