Friday, April 20, 2012

A Rare Day Off from the Baseball Diamond

First thing I notice is that Blogger has, in baseball terms, tossed us a curveball....not sure what the Hell is going on with them changing the way you publish your work.....seems they just can't leave well enough won't notice it, when published, but it does affect the way it appears when I am working on the daily rant.

No Baseball Today.....

For the first time since the season began, at least my late starting season, I don't have a and May 2nd are the only days, except Sundays, that I am off....I will use that time to clean up my equipment, and mow the lawn.

Yesterday, Sam coming home from Columbus, called and said he forgot his equipment for working behind the plate....and could I do the dish?  OK, so much for another day of the "easy" work...but the temperatures were great, middle 70s, and not much of a wind, plenty of sun, as we arrived for the Northwest Conference game at Allen East High School.  The pitchers were on, especially the young Freshman hurling for AE, and the home team defeated visiting Delphos Jefferson 4-1 in a well played game...both teams are very young, and will improve as time moves forward...a couple of close plays for Sam on the bases, nothing out of the ordinary for me, and despite a late start, we still finished up by 7pm and were on our way back to Celina.

While I am off today, Sam travels back to the Columbus area, and works a game at Jonathan Alter HS...tomorrow he has a round robin tournament double headed in the afternoon at Jackson Center, while I have that dreaded 9am prom cause beginning at Wayne Trace....some of that depends on the rain that is predicted for this afternoon and early tonight.  Thus that is why I want to mow the yard....temps after today won't get out of the 50s for the next three of four days. 

The Crazy World We Live In.....

I made the mistake of getting on facebook last night, after having a couple of beers...despite having 1800 or so "friends" on the list, the most vocal seem to be the liberals and atheist types that I attract to my "audience"....arguing with these fools used to be fodder for consuming a few minutes a day.  Now it has become a chore.  

To these folks, anybody that doesn't agree with their warped view of the world is either a racist, fool, or "fu*ked up" if they aren't Politically Correct, think all blacks get a raw deal{see Trayvon Martin}from "Whitey", believe in a divine being, or actually believe that books like the "Left Behind" series are read by people other than matter they are fiction, you just have to be an idiot if you  read that stuff...

Crazy bastards they in their own little world, where mankind is king of the animal world, and liberals are the smartest of the creatures that inhabit this spear.  I invite these numskulls to live in the inner city, the African, South American, or Pacific wilderness...and even the shithole cities of Europe, and tell me just how enlightened the Liberal and Progressive world is....better yet, go visit their Goat Fornicating brothers in the Middle East....and tell me again, just how peaceful these people are....and my aren't they advanced?

OK...enough for today...things to do, and time to do it....enjoy your weekend.

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