Monday, July 23, 2012

{Baseball} Season Ends....

Much as it started, above normal temperatures, the Spring/Summer Baseball Season came to and end for me last night....

State ACME Tournament at Bryan_____

After watching the last choking holes for Adam Scott at the British Open, giving Ernie Els his second BO win, first in a decade, I packed my gear and clothes for one more baseball double headed, into Patricia's Nitro, and headed north out of town.  The road to Bryan, some 65 miles from here is a straight shot, right up US 127, where Van Wert, Paulding, and tiny Sherwood, are the only towns on the route.

I arrived well before 4pm,  with my two games slated to start no earlier than 5pm, I had plenty of time, and took in the Lima Shawnee game against host Bryan....Shawnee scored 3 in the top of the 7th and stayed alive in the tournament  with a 6-5 win...the other area team, Wapak also stayed alive in the losers bracket with a win over Springfield 12-0....that team was outscored 33-0 in it's two game run at State. 

My partner Duane, from Napoleon, would do the first game behind the plate, since his hometown team was in the nightcap...due to the length of the early games, we got underway at around 5:35, and finally finished up at 10:40...I pulled into the driveway at 12:20 this morning, my season finally completed.  Defiance edged Perrysburg in our first game 6-5.  I took the dish for the Dayton Northmont vs Napoleon game, and after Northmont spotted Wildcats two runs in the top of the first, the scored five of their own, and never looked back in a 11-4 winner's bracket contest.  Defiance and Northmont remain undefeated in the double elimination State Tournament....four other teams have one loss, and I got to believe Wapak, if anybody can come out of the loser's bracket, they are the team....however, the winner of the Defiance/Northmont game will be in the "Cat Bird's Seat".

The ending of the Season____

My season began late...on the day I was supposed to work my first scrimmage, March 16th, my 63rd Birthday, I was getting my Carotid Artery surgery...I would sit for two weeks, then I would slowly get back into the game, albeit with steel staples in my neck.  The season would be virtually without rain, and I missed only two games, one in the Spring and one in the ACME season...last night an hour and a half drive north, that long season, some 90 games umpired, came to an end....I now have 2 weeks or so to get some relaxation before football scrimmages begin, I am not ready for that, just yet.

This season has given me reflection on just how long I want to continue with umpiring and has been a grind at times.  Baseball, I will probably continue with for many years, as long as I am in reasonably good least Spring ball, Summer baseball, especially in seasons as hot as this?  That is in doubt....especially at the lower Junior ACME levels...I have already made the decision to cut back on that level for next season.

Football?  We will see how this full season goes, before I commit to another varsity round, although I plan on working for at least a couple of more years.  As for basketball?  That I have contracts for a couple of seasons out....but will see how this season goes, it will be the first sport I give up.  My least of the three sports I work, it is a good workout, but some levels, especially the JV Boys two man crews, are a pain in the  back, butt, and legs....I am not sure how long I will or can continue....good workout or not!

However it shakes out....I enjoy the sports, and even with my favorite, baseball, done for another year, I can say that I am relieved to see it done....hopefully a cooler month of August awaits, I am ready to work in some cooler conditions.

Photos-Baseball is done for another year,  football right around the corner, and basketball awaits in the not to distant future.....they each have a time and place in my not-so-busy schedule.

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