Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Years Gone By....

As I mentioned awhile back, I was going to slow down the "blogging" as I approached the five year anniversary of "prh....a day in the life"...and I have indeed done that.  Some 1300 posts have gone into cyber-space since July 27, 2007, and I have enjoyed writing much of my life in review....of late, however, like anything else, it has become a not so entertaining look at my daily routine, and frankly, it even bores the Hell out of me at times.  So if I stumbled through the 2 or 3 posts per week of late, it is nobodies fault but mine.  Besides the last few days have seen the plate filled.

Latest Happenings_____

Mom went into the hospital on Sunday, and there she remains...she had some chest pains and the ambulance was summoned by my brother Mike early Sunday....so far we are still in limbo as to what the story is....she seemed better this morning, but is still weak, and unable to stand for any length of time, and remains on oxygen, hopefully the next day or two will see enough improvement to let her head home...although she will most likely need plenty of looking after for a few days....as strong willed as she is, she is still 88 years old, and will need the family to keep an eye out on her for awhile.

Patricia, niece Megan, and I, have been heading over in the early morning when the doctor makes his visits, Mike around Noon, and sister Marty later in the day....niece Lori, a RN from Columbus, visited with her and got some details last night, and Hal came up to visit for a couple hours.  While he was at the Hospital, we got to sit with grandson Kasyn..."The K-Man" loved the backyard....checking out the grass and trees at 8 months appeared to be a big thrill for him.  He will be back for a few hours again tomorrow afternoon, then Thursday Patricia will head to Centerville to sit with him....I will most likely stick close to home to monitor the situation at the hospital, or see if mom is to be released that day.

Other than that, things are about the same....waiting out the time between the end of baseball and the beginning of my football work, is relaxing....August 7th is our crew's first full Varsity scrimmage, and August will be almost as full as September, then October is busy before winding down the last week, the wait on basketball will again be welcome.

Only three weeks before Patricia heads back to school....I am not sure she is ready for that...meanwhile the plans to replace the kitchen are underway...but it will take awhile before all is done...floors, done from the water leak, then the cosmetics that we choose to do...Walls, New Windows, Cabinets, Island replaced....a costly venture, but once done, it will likely be the last major work done on the old Church Parsonage until we move away{not likely} or assume room temperature{more likely}....

That's is the scoop for now....back later>>>>

Photo-Grandson Kasyn growing like a week, nearing 30 pounds at 8 months and wearing 18 month old clothes....taking after his dad, without much doubt...."The K-Man with Grandma discovering the trees and flowers in our back yard late yesterday....he was intently interested in those and the feel of the green grass....and finally, the Kitchen, now bare naked...the floor was needed replaced, and now the rest will go, cabinets, new looking out in the backyard window, wall paper replaced with paint, and new island replacing the old....it may be next Spring before it's totally done, but hoping by Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery.

Ross & Kelli

PRH....... said...

Thanks....she is much improved, and hopefully will be home in a day or two.