Monday, August 6, 2012

Recap of a lost week....

I see it's been six days since I last posted....the longest stretch in the five years of typing away on this blog site....I have spent much of the past week at the hospital in Coldwater, as mom has had her ups and downs before finally being released yesterday....complete with a small daily dose of oxygen.  She will spend a few days at sister Marty's house, and hopefully be at her own place by week's end...but we will see.

My two weeks, more or less, off of baseball and getting ready for football is about to end....frankly, with the exception of taking the on-line State Rules Meeting last night on the OHSAA Website, I have not done much looking forward to the upcoming season.  Tomorrow night our crew will travel to Sherwood, Ohio, as Parkway visits Fairview....with only a couple of weeks under their belts, I am sure the teams will be a rusty as I am....3 scrimmages this week, just one next, then the season begins on August 23rd, with the opening of Varsity season.  For our crew that will be on a Thursday Night....then things revert to the usual Fridays after opening week....once again, "am I ready"? ...we will see.

The weather has least for a day or two....We had some pretty good storms on Saturday and early Sunday, and a good amount of rain to go with it.  At least the yards can finally be mowed, as there is grass to go with the weeds that have taken over the past two months.  I plan, with the weather a bit cooler, and less humid, to mow both our and mom's lawn today.

The work on the kitchen has yet to least the contractors work.  Patricia has stripped the walls of paper, sanded them, and has those ready for painting...but if the kitchen and floors are finished before Christmas, I will consider it a minor miracle....once again, time will tell.

On the political scene, not much has changed....except the fact that I will not be posting about politics on my facebook page for a month....youngest son Hal, has made me a bet{no doubt designed to save what he may perceive embarrassing posts on fb by his old man} that I cannot refrain from posting about politics until after Labor Day....if I do, then I pick a Reds game, and he pays the bills....with the Reds 4 1/2 games in front of Pittsburgh, and 7 up on the Cards, they are looking good for the post season.

Facebook NO, but I can and will on occasion post my political rants on the blog....after all, the Kenyan pole smoking Marxist in the White House will get no free passes from this corner....especially since he is trying to steal the election in Ohio and elsewhere by squashing the Veteran and active duty vote:

Make no mistake, the large margin of Vets and Active Duty Military hate Obama's stinking guts...and the Kenyan and his SS Troops will do anything to win Ohio....including screw over the Military.

The there is the shootings in Wisconsin....

I know Oak Creek, my brother-in-law used to live there, before moving a few miles to South Milwaukee...I believe he still attends Church, as opposed to Cult House, there.   I am sure that Obama, his henchman, and the left wing media will once again drag out their tired "anti gun" mouthpieces, in order to portray the shooter, as some right wing nut.....they have the "nut" correct, however, "right wing nut" in probably another lie....but then again, the left and Obammy cannot open their pie holes without lying.

So there it is...."I'm back" from a short break, and will attempt to make the postings a bit more regular once least 2, 3, or 4, times per week.

back later>>>>

Photos-Despite little activity on Grand Lake, the morning sunrise on the West Bank continue to be worthy of photographing....Obama and his Jack Boots are still out to destroy Conservatives, Christians, and America, as we know it....and football pre-season kicks off tomorrow.

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