Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chronicle of A Football Season

With the one day early kickoff to the Varsity Football Season in Ohio, getting started tonight, I am checking my various equipment and body parts to see if I'm ready for the games ahead.

I have decided to at least try to chronicle the coming season of varsity action.  Working with a single crew this season, for the first time since I started this blog, it gives me a chance to document the games and the happenings before and photographs of game action of course, as I will be roaming the sidelines as the Line Judge, working on the home side of the field:

So hopefully I will be able to recall things that went right or wrong from my point of view...this that I was involved in, without commenting on teams play, coaches, or my fellow crew members...or at least nothing on the negative part.

The Day Before the Game_____

Yesterday, was Wednesday, almost always an off day, but usually two days before the Varsity games kick our crew's case, at least for this first week, it was a day off, but only a day before our game.

I suffered a minor ankle sprain on Tuesday at the Celina/Versailles game, and it was bothering me yesterday, along with the minor aches and pains from officiating, especially at my advanced age for football officials.  So I headed out to Wally World to pick up some will be necessary to tape up the right ankle for sure, the left one...?  I will decide today.

I have gotten back into my usual Monday, Wednesday, and Friday weight lifting routine, and yesterday was no exception, after the 30 minute lift session, I headed out for a ankle and feet were sore and the pain was there for sure.  I knew after the walk around the Fairgrounds, that I would need some support for my feet for tonight's contest.

There is the main issues for tonight, other than the usual glitches that are expected with the first action of the season...but having worked as a fill in on various crews the past five years, I have come to expect just about anything...this season will indeed be different knowing the position and what to expect each Friday(or Thursday in this week's case).

I will get the gear and clothes packed up, load up the van...then tape the ankle(s), head out about 3:30 for Payne, where I will meet at Denny's place, and we will make the final 45 minutes to Montpelier...and begin preparations for game #1 on the 2012 season.

Hopefully I will have the details of a good start on tomorrow's post.

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