Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Phases Out? Football Arrives....

So Tell Me Again Barry Boy...Just Why the Hell Are We Protecting These Assholes?

This trash, goat fornicators and pedo worshipping scum they are, are not worth a bucket of warm spit, let alone spilling one drop of America Serviceman if a few Liberals and Obama Tools want to die for the Islamic cause....I say go for it!  But no real America should waste their time or blood, to fight along side or with these bastards.

Now on to our regular programming....

After a brutal couple of months, June and July exact, August has passed it's first half more towards the lower normal side.  The rains have came, not ending the drought, but putting a dent in it...and after nearly two months of no lawn mowing, ours has been mowed 4 times in less than two weeks, with another round on Sunday coming up....

Tonight, another pre-season game, with plenty of travel.  I've got the longest trip in our crew, some 68 miles ot the west end of Bryan...while my "Wing" partner, Jamie, has just a couple of blocks to travel.  After the Jamboree game between host Bryan and Anthony Wayne, we will all meet at his house to go over the game and the regular season, which begins next Thursday night, at Montpelier, some 78 miles north and west of Celina...gonna be some long road trips this year.

After our game and meeting tonight, I will make the long drive home, then turn around early tomorrow, and head back north, to Pauling this time, for a Junior High scrimmage.  Freshman Football kicks off in Celina on Tuesday night....and then it the real thing from there on out.

The Empty Lake....

Spending my High School years growing up{sort of} in Montezuma, Ohio, on the south shores of Grand Lake, meant I spent many hours, fishing, swimming, and partying, on the massive body of water.  Hand dug back in the 1830s, it was the largest man made body of water for over a century, until the building of Hoover Dam, created Lake Meade, back during the Great Depression.  Even back the 45 to 50 years ago, that I lived and played near and on Grand Lake, it was never what you would call pristine.  Along with being shallow, some 7 feet deep in most places, it was the feeding point of farm runoffs, that included chemicals and animal waste...add that to the discharge of open sewers from the south side, and you can imagine that despite it beauty, it was polluted....never so much however, as the past few years, since the Alga Bloom came calling.

The State of Ohio has made some half arsed efforts to clean the lake, but like everything Government, it has been indeed "half assed".  Property values have tanked, the bar and marina business has suffered, and boating, swimming, and especially fishing, has come almost to a stand-still.  Grand Lake, the subject of many of my photographic efforts, is for all intensive purposes dead, as far as recreation is concerned.

On my walk Tuesday morning...I did a 15 minute or so pass on Lake Shore Drive, on the lake's northwest corner...a calm and warm, but not hot, day...a perfect day, it would seem, for boating, or even fishing, and maybe a swim....2 boats total, and zero fisherman, were seen on my walk...and these days, that is the norm, rather than the rare day.  Grand Lake St. Marys, has become a sad mirror image of what the country has become, especially under one Barack Insane Obama, a mere shell of it's once proud and glorious self.

Enjoy your weekend....back later>>>>

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