Monday, August 27, 2012

The Long/Lost Weekend....

Since Friday morning, the past 72 hours have been a mixed bag, and my body feels more like a bag that has been punched since about this hour on Friday....

After the first varsity game of the season, which for the only time this season for our crew was Thursday night...thus giving me a day of rest, or so I thought, on Friday.  Dick Finke stopped by early in the day, and was pondering his flight from Fort Wayne to Clearwater, scheduled for today being cancelled...I am assuming it was because of "Issac" but will give him a call shortly, to see exactly what had happened.  Meanwhile, Sam, who had a Junior High game on Thursday came downstairs, fixed himself breakfast, and sat down at the computer.  Dick said his good-byes, and Sam headed for the shower, as he was scheduled to work a Ohio State women's Volleyball game in Columbus for the Big Ten Network.

When he came upstairs, he said he felt very dizzy and disorientated...out of the blue it seemed....long story short, he cancelled his Volleyball, then his JV football game, Saturday morning at Anna, another VB contest in Columbus on Saturday night, and then the double header with me back in Celina fact by the time Friday evening rolled around, Sam was in Coldwater Hospital, with what is described as:

Nasty stuff....we got him back home by 2am of this morning, he is better, but nowhere close to being back up and on the fields.  And we/they have no idea what caused it...since he is not a drinking person, the attack was even more strange for someone who is only 30 years old.  And it does have a reoccurring rate, that usually comes back within 10-12 weeks...let's hope not.  He has job interviews this week and other items on his plate, and doesn't need this.

Meanwhile the late night got me off on the wrong foot for the weekend as well.  With a 10am JV football game at Paulding, followed by a fall baseball doubleheader at Spencerville in the afternoon...with temperatures nearing 90 and humid conditions, I knew my old ass was going to be dragging by days end.  Sunday with a youth football double in the afternoon, was not going to be much better...especially with the heat/humidity.  By the time it all ended around 5:30 yesterday, it had been a gasser of a weekend....with several people needing replacements tonight, I am open, but rally cannot do a game, I need a few days off and right now I am open until Thursday, and plan on staying that way.

I don't bitch about getting old, and am actually proud of what I can do at 63...but there are times, when you just have to "man up" and admit, you ain't 27 anymore, and cannot do what you once could.

So for the next couple of days, with temperatures down a bit, I will mow a couple of yards, but other than that sit on my backside and recover from this long/lost weekend.

back later>>>>

Photos-Never had Vertigo, but a few cases of too much drink might have felt like it... :) Sam's case was much worse than anything I've seen of late.  And 27 sure isn't 63....we don't have much of a say in the matter.  Here is me at both!

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