Monday, August 13, 2012

Realist not Racist!

{A person who tends to view things as they really are}

The weekend started out on Friday Night with a three-way scrimmage at Convoy Crestview High School, with the host team facing off against Antwerp and New Bremen, on both the JV and Varsity sides...Sam joined a couple of other veterans working the JV scrimmage while our crew worked the varsity games.  The amazing thing was, after a miserable hot an dry summer, we worked the games in a mid 50s temperatures with a lite rain spitting, blown by the wind was downright cold.  We finished up around 9pm, showered and worked out way to The Tavern in Convoy, grabbed a bite to eat, I had a couple of cold beers and Sam and I headed home towards Celina....the rest of the crew, for the most part living north.  That is where, less than 12 hours later, the five of us on the regular crew were, back at Sherwood Fairview...working another scrimmage{our second at Fairview within five days} at the host Apaches faced Paulding.  The temps remained cool and breezy, but comfortable conditions to officiate football in.

Sunday I got out and mowed the lawn...after no lawn mowing in almost 2 months, with the recent rains, yesterday marked the 3rd time in 8 days mowing our yard, with two more mowing mom's....which Sam will do again today.   Most of the family stopped by, Hal, Lisa, and Kasyn, along with the other grandkids and great grandkids, came to Celina and attended the Mercer County Fair, and stopped by to visit Grandma and the younger ones Great Grandma...

Speaking of mom, she returned to her house, complete with oxygen, from sister Marty's place.....glad to be home, but with the state and Medicare BureauRats still swarming....this is without Obammy Care in place....can you imagine what it will be like when the Kenyan Pole Smoker gets his Marxist health care system into place?  Folks it's gonna be ugly...and just about the time I turn 65....son of a bitch, do I hate this useless bastard and his power grabbing Government Toads....and how?

Speaking of the Kenyan CSer....I love how his supporters, the media, far left bloggers, and the masses of ignorant uninformed, love to say that those opposed to Obama must be "Racists"...the dreaded "R" word...I guess we Conservatives should just start calling Obammy the dreaded "N" word?  But the truth of the matter is....I despised Billy Boy Clinton, almost as much as I do Barack, and certainly I despised that half witted Peanut Farmer from Georgia, "Jummy" Carter more so.  My problem with the Kenyan Pole Smoker isn't's the fact that the lying son of a Kansas Whore is a freaking Marxist....and either himself is, or he is controlled by the most evil sons a bitches, this side of Islamic Radicals to infest planet Earth.

Make no mistake....Obama needs to be gone come November, or the Republic as we know it{already at the door of death} will be can take that to the bank.  Frankly, even with Paul Ryan as the VP pick for the GOP...Obama will likely win the election...the reason?

To many stupid people, to many senile senior citizens that believe the lies from the Democrats and the Press, and way too many freeloading bastards that don't, or won't work, preferring to live off the backs of others....topped off by guilt ridden white liberals, with nothing to feel guilty about, except their own stupidity.

Look around folks, the people producing the vast amount of kids these days are the lazy welfare mothers of all colors and creeds, and the low life lazy bastards they bed...those with the brains to actually contribute to society are having fewer and fewer kids....meaning in a ball park guess, that for every child produced by intelligent and/or hard working people of America, fives times as many are being produced by the lowest common denominator.  Look around, it's just not the large cities...look in the bergs and small town America.

I feel for the future generations...because this side of a major breaking up of the producers from the non-producers...there is very little hope for America and the world to survive what we face....but then again, I think the Bible says as much.

Lock and's not Racism folks, just good old fashion Realism!

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Photos-Being the Realist I am, it doesn't take much to realize that if the Kenyan Marxist who calls himself Barack Obama is re-elected, the chances of this Republic surviving in it's current state{weakened as it is} are not worth a bucket of warm spit.  And America will once again look like it did during the FDR a Steinbeck Novel....and there are only a few ways to work out way out of America's "Death Wish"....

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