Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Ahead...Make My Day! Eastwood at the RNC

You can tell the left wing {Marxists} of America are upset about last night's Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican Convention...they, as they are best at, are bitching about how bad it was....BINGO!

Old give em' Hell Dirty Harry hit a home run:

Of course the left wing media hated it....Clint Eastwood, hardly a rock solid Conservative, bashed their empty headed, empty suit,  half breed, half witted, fool of a President....and got laughs to boot.

Made my day, and Hell, I didn't watch 10 minutes of the Convention, except for Josey, er Harry, damn Clint:

What effect will it have?  Probably not any...but it was entertaining none-the-less.  Sure Clint Eastwood is 82, and stumbled a few times...but everybody watching knew he was right on target, and that pointy eared nitwit was his target.

Off to Antwerp again the 90+ degree heat to work the varsity contest between the host Archers and visiting Hilltop....both teams like to run, and given the conditions, I am hoping they do.

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