Monday, August 20, 2012

"Just Reflecting"

Patricia headed back to school today...her students arrive tomorrow.  I'm not sure how many more years before she joins me in retirement{in my case semi-retirement} but at 59 I am sure she is probably more than ready, although she has enjoyed teaching over the years...but like anything else, the bureaucratic mess has infested the public and private systems, to make them almost useless.  Political Correctness and the NEA, and it's useless members have basically destroyed American Education.

With her back at school, the old Airedale Reagan passing away earlier this Spring, it's now just me and the old cat...along with Sam on occasion, as he interviews for Actuarial jobs, officiates, and continues to work at Ohio State, broadcasting sports, and fills in on the Big Ten Network...with those, he balances his time between Columbus and Celina.  Congrats to him for passing test #2 on the Actuarial Ladder, one more foot in the door, now that his graduation from OSU is completed.  Hopefully one of the jobs will come about in his chosen profession...but for now, the sports broadcasting gigs help him muddle through.....

My football season "kicks off" this week...having been at scrimmage work the past couple of weeks, the real games get started tomorrow.  I stay in Celina for a Freshman contest with Versailles....on Thursday Night, I make the long trip north to Montpelier, snuggled in the far northwest corner, just off the Michigan line to the north and the Indiana state line to the west....a rare Thursday game starts the regular season for my new found crew.  Having worked the past five seasons or so as a fill-in, working between 4 and 7 varsity games a year, this season sees me on a crew with guys I have known for years, from both football and baseball, and I agreed to work at least a season with them, and see how it goes.

I really was never interested in working every Friday night during football season, happy to fill in and travel on occasion...this year will be different and hopefully the legs and body will hold out.  If I survive this season, I will take it one game and one season at a time.  In a change of plans this Saturday, after working a JV game at Paulding at 10am, I will head to Spencerville, and work some Fall call me crazy, baseball ended weeks ago for me, at the State ACME Tournament in Bryan...and after a long and late Friday Night, then an early Saturday football game, just why in the Hell am I working baseball late Saturday?  Money?  Hardly....ego? fool like an old fool, so I will drag out the gear and do a double header, and hope the weather is agreeable.

After a busy 24 hours...Sam and I take to the youth football fields in Celina on Sunday, where we begin the fall season, working double headers, most Sundays for the next two months.

 Speaking of the weather, it has certainly changed...and for now at least, for the better....

After a miserable hot, humid, and rainless start to the summer, on the heels of a warm winter and dry spring, the changes over the past couple of weeks have been indeed welcome.  The weekend just past was about as perfect as it nights, sunny less humid days, and the temperatures not rising past the middle 70s....Mid August?  Can't ask for better conditions.

So, there you have Summer begins it's slow descent into Fall....sure we have plenty of weeks of warm weather to get into....but without a doubt, at least for the most part, I am looking forward to September and October, those two months are my favorite, weather wise, without a doubt.

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Photos-Grand Lake, despite it's issues, looks much better when the weather is clear and less starts this week, at all levels, from Varsity down to youth ball....and call me "Crazy"...I have picked up some Fall Baseball as well...

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