Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the Road....and a Day with the K-man

Got up yesterday and Sam and I headed over to Mom's, our mission was first to take my sister Kelly to Russles Point, Ohio, where we would meet my niece Holli, and she would take Kelly and dog Alfie" to Columbus, where they would stay with her and then head via plane from Port Columbus to Fort Myers/Naples....they should be leaving about the time I finish this post up.  Kelly has been staying with mom for a month, while mom recoups from her hospital stay.   After exchanging Kelly and "Alfie" to Holli's Jeep, Sam and I headed towards I would watch grandson Kasyn for the afternoon, while Hal and Sam went to Cincinnati, where Sam was doing an interview with a major insurance company for employment.  He would have his second interview for a position of Product Development...not exactly Actuarial, but similar that they are Math heavy, are insurance related, and pay well.  He says this type of job is actually more to his liking, but it's all about the offer...he should know within the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I spent the day with the K-Man, and he, despite being tired, was not going to sleep for me and the recently turned 9 month old, took a walk in the stroller, with the dogs....ate plenty, and I listened to the Reds sweep the Diamondbacks, and push their NL Central lead to 8 games over the Cards and 9 ahead of Pittsburgh....things are looking good at this point, with just over a month to go.

Kasyn finally napped after his mom arrived home, Hal and Sam returned about an hour later, and we dined on some carry in Pizza...Sam and I headed home about 7:30, and jumped off the Interstate and took the back roads to Celina, arriving home at 9pm....the Ohio 49/US 127 route was shorter in length, and about the same, time wise, as the I-75/Route 33 trip.

After a couple of days off, I head to Antwerp tonight for a Junior High game, and back that way for our Varsity game tomorrow night, as Hilltop(who we had last week at Montpelier) takes on the host Archers....Saturday morning I stay home for a Celina JV game with O-G.......then nothing until Monday, Labor Day, when I head back to Centerville, and Hal and I will head to Cincinnati and take in the Reds, Johnny Cueto, and Company take on the Phillies.....despite the Reds success this season, I have yet to see them win, this will be my 3rd shot.

Back to football later next week, then the week that follows will be the Howard County/Kokomo Vietnam Reunion...this will be my 3rd year attending this event which sees thousands of VN Vets and Friends camping out....drinking some "shine" and swapping 'War Stories"...more on that as the week approaches however.

back later>>>>

Photos-The K-Man and Grandpa
Houseworth, Kasyn has really gotten into solid foot over the past 2 months or so.....and left to right
Me, Tony Morris, Big Sam Lewis, and Tom McCandless, Air Force SPs from Vietnam at last year's 2011 Kokomo Vietnam Reunion.

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