Thursday, July 5, 2012

Temperatures, Up, Up, and Away!

The Heat Wave Continues....

105 at 5:05pm was the official high temperature according to the Weather Channel...a record as far as I can tell, for July 4th or perhaps any day in recorded records.

Sam and I headed out to the artificial turf at Eastview Park at 9:30am...a single game, possible double header, was in store....both teams in the Junior ACME Sectional would move on to the District this weekend in Rockford, the the decision of who was to be #1 seeded and the #2 seed, would be settled on the field...Coldwater was undefeated and St. Henry, the 4-3 winner over Minster, had a single defeat at the hands of the Cavilers earlier in the Tourney....a Coldwater win in the first game would end  the tournament and prevent us from playing in the afternoon heat.

Sam and I would double our money by the teams playing two games....but we would be more than happy to play just one, the heat coming off the artificial turf was brutal.  I worked the opener, as Sam had worked the game the night before...we would need only one game, but it was a long one....15-9 Coldwater wins to take the top seed, in a game that took 2 hours and 40 minutes....despite my generous strike zone, the game dragged on.  I probably poured out 20 pounds of sweat....but would replace it with a few gallons of Miller Lite in the I set in the A/C for much of the rest of the day...likely I will be there most of today and tomorrow as well....the heat shows no signs of a let up anytime soon.

Both Coldwater and St. Henry will be in the District Junior ACME at Parkway in Rockford this coming weekend....and both Sam and I will be working that as well...Sam on Sunday and me on Monday, not sure who will join them for the Crestview District, but it is likely to be Crestview and Wapak...but that won't be decided until tomorrow(Friday) night.

A Nation of Wimps?

Nothing really political about that....just an observation that Patricia and I made yesterday while she make attempts to sit outside, rotating between the front porch, and the back steps....

Just how did we survive without Air Conditioned homes and cars in the past?

I grew up in Venice, Florida, back in the 1950s and early 60s...we never had A/C, either at home or school....occasionally we would put a large box fan on the terrazzo floors of our home at the corner of Pineland Avenue and School Street...but no A/C to sit in.

Our forefathers, grandfathers, and grandmothers, mom's and dad's never had Air Conditioners...the former, not electricity...yet somehow they survived...look no farther than the old western movies of the exploits of Cowboys and Indians...they didn't have, or apparently need, A/C...yet somehow we don't be able to survive outdoors in the heat....and don't tell me the heat is worst today due to the bullshit science called "Global Warming" or Climate doesn't exist, except in the warped minds of clowns like Al Gore and that half breed, half wiitted Marxist that currently resides in the White House.

But wimp or not....I will be spending much of the day in the Air Conditioned abode, that still awaits on the final estimates for kitchen floor, insulation, and new windows, cabinets, and other improvements that make be coming.....

Stay Cool!  back later>>>>

Photos-Even the hearty Sunflowers have to suffer in this type of environment...the heat will remain brutal for the foreseeable future....The playing surface on the Artificial Turf at Montgomery Field in Celina has to be at least 20 degrees higher than the air temps.  Even my old hometown of Venice, on Florida's Gulf Coast, (photo from 2000 at Venice Beach) can't hold a candle to this summer in the heartland so far....miserable it is, and the gallons of Miller Lite consumed don't seem to put much of a dent in that heat


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