Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 2012....The Heat Drones On

Hot, Hot, Hot.......

Even growing up back in the 1950s and early 60s on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Venice, Florida.  I can probably say this has been the most uncomfortably hot Summer I have witnessed.  The summer in Vietnam was broken up by two separate summers, since I didn't arrive until July 2, 1969, and left June 29, 1970....of course in South Vietnam, it was basically summer all the time.  Even so, and without Air Conditioning, I don't remember it being this uncomfortable.  This has been a summer to wish away.

Perhaps it is because we had a mild winter, and an unusually warm early Spring in March...but regardless, and Man-made Global Warming be damn, it is Hot.  Hot enough that I will be glad when it is over, and I am glad baseball season, for me and umpiring, will come to an end this weekend.

Sam and I will work the Minster Pony Tournament for the 5th or 6th year in a row on Friday, a double header, he will also work two games each on Saturday and Sunday.....meanwhile, I will take Saturday off, and then on Sunday I will take a hike up US 127 and work the ACME State Tournament for the 3rd straight season...it is always nice for the ego to be selected for post season work.  The past two seasons the State Title has been decided here in Celina...this year it moves up to the northwester corner of the state...a few miles east of Indiana, and 20 miles south of Michigan to Bryan, which is 65 miles north of Celina.

I will work the two Sunday Winner's bracket games at 5 and 7:30pm, meaning it will be a late drive home Sunday evening, probably not arriving before Midnight.  When those games are done, I will likely be finished for the season, unless a sub is needed for one of the late week games...the championship game is set for July 28th.  Regardless, I will be more that happy to see the season end, even though football is just a few weeks away, with scrimmages beginning August 7th.

Tomorrow there is a chance of rain...I have a luncheon meeting at 11:30 in the morning with members of a couple of others, concerning expansion of MRSI...once that is completed, I will head for Centerville, where Hal, Lisa, maybe grandson Kasyn, and a few of their friends will head to Cincinnati to take in my 2nd Reds game of the year....this one vs the Arizona Diamondbacks...if it last as long as tonight's game, which sees a Reds 4-0 lead in the 8th inning, and already over 3 hours old, it will be a long night once again.

Meanwhile, the heat and humidity, rain or no rain, will continue....the extended forecast has very little cooling in store...highs from the upper 80s(bearable) to the mid 90s....I can say for sure, I'm ready for October, then I will take my chances bitching about the cold and wet or snow filled months ahead.

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Photos-A sunset last Friday near Spencerville, Ohio, as I headed back from working the ACME District at Lima Central Catholic....number 2 was taken off my front porch tonight, as I looked out towards the Celina Pool, and County Fairgrounds, a couple blocks away..#3, the Reds for the second time this season are in my plans for tomorrow night....and finally I took this Sunset off part of the Internet photos that come with a program...so can't take credit for that one, but I have always liked it, and a salute to whomever snapped this one.

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