Thursday, July 12, 2012

Likes...Dislikes, etc...part #1

I crawled out of bed this morning around 6:15, as I heard wife Patricia pull out of the drive, on her way to Centerville to spend the day watching grandson K-Man....

I tossed on some shorts, shoes, and a t-shirt, and headed out towards the West Bank of Grand Lake St. Marys, to see what kind of sunrise photos I could muster from the point and shoot Nikon.  I snapped about 20 or maybe 25 photos, nothing special came out...I have done better, done worse, but since the sun was just rising above a small bank of clouds when I arrived, I didn't have time to plot or even think about what kind of shots I wanted to take.  A couple however, are included on today's blog.

One thing I did notice was the morning was delightfully cool, as compared to last week...the humidity had not set in which belies what we will have in store for this afternoon...91 is set for today, well above the normal for mid July, but still at least 10 degrees cooler, and much less humid than it was this time last week....hopefully the days of triple digit heat are but a bad memory for the rest of this summer.

I arrived home about 7:30am, downloaded the photos, plus some I had taken last week....then headed out on my morning walk to the fairgrounds and around....I only logged about 35 minutes this morning, but noticed that the air had calmed, and the humidity was already on the increase...home by 8:30,in the shower, then put on a pot of coffee, and here I sit, blogging for the first time in 3 days.

I had promised myself to cut my posting back to only a few times a week, and only if I had something worthwhile, in my own mind, to write here goes:

Things I Dislike____and what to do about them!

Well into my 63rd year of life there are things I just don't like and have pretty much decided to if at all possible to avoid them.....among them are obvious things, like avoiding discussing politics with Liberals and Democrats, supporters/excuse makers for the Islamic trash that now infests the nation and the world.  Also  New York Yankee fans, and fans of the NBA in general, such a wasted stupid sport it is...white people that listen to Rap Music.  In my mind, there is nobody dumber than some white punk, decked out in "tats", with window rolled down, hat on sideways, listening to some inner city talentless racist spew out garbage about hating whitey, and banging hoes...and the white fool thinking he is cool by blaring that crap as loud as he can.  You can only think one thing..."well there is a waste of taxpayers money, this guy will never have a job, or contribute to society, and here he is, trying to be something he will never be, and really, who the Hell would want to be, a wannabe?  Idiots and fools need to be avoided if at all possible, and these clowns are at the top of the list.

Among other things I would like to avoid if all all possible...realizing you can never say never.


I never have like flying, even in my Air Force days.  Not really afraid to fly, I was just never comfortable doing it....the take offs and landings suck.  But even that is not the reason I would rather avoid it....these days it the bullshit you go through to fly.

After my retirement from the health department and I took up RV delivery, I had to return fly at least weekly to Dayton or some other nearby airport, and while Dayton was nice enough, the flights out, whether it be from Vegas, Tampa, or LA, were like the the modern version of a Greyhound Bus Terminal. 

Few people have class when flying these days....smelly, fat, loud, rude...and that's just the passengers.  Between the aging Stewardesses and the flaming gay male Stewards, many with attitudes, flying sucks in the 21st century.  So I will attempt to avoid it and least, as dangerous as it is, I'm in my own element.

OK...those are a few things that I dislike these days....and despite my best efforts, the list seems to grow with aging.

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(1) A Sunrise this morning made Grand Lake look much better than the water quality does...the lake is pretty quiet this July...few boats, no swimmers, and very little fishing, going you can see from the final photo(5), taken yesterday. (2) Kasyn, the grandson approaching 8 months, is growing up fast...(3) Not many flowers due to the heat and dry this Summer, but once in awhile one, like this yellow beauty, pops up.(4) Flying these days is certainly not what it was back in 1969 when I flew Braniff to beautiful Saigon Vietnam.


sam said...

Funny you should talk about the "Wigger" society that has sprund up in this land , the Worthless RACKET and the Trash the want to be like . I always try and tell those who practice this , especially the young Whites, my interpation of a fool with his pants well below his ass and where the fad come from. I t actually came out of the Prison system . When Ole Bubba wanted to get to one of his " Bitches " without the luxury of a private place and time he had them wear their pants with no belt hanging down below their asses . Then all he had to do in a flash would rush up behind them and let them have it before the guards spotted him and stoped it. . Pisses Off those I tell that too ever time I tell them that . But Hay Why Not ? Have a Great Day brother , sam

PRH....... said...

Your "Hommie" the other Sam thinks does boys are fine an dandy Sam....the thinks I compare "apples and oranges" when I mention these things.

After my game tonight, I stopped at a BP station in Lima, and some white close with blue jeans down to his knees and his bloated girl stop beside me, her complete with smoke in her lips, to pump gas....I just smiled, and thought to myself..."Yep, today's blog hit the nail on the head"...what a bunch of freaking losers the lower rungs of American whites are producing.....scum of the earth.