Friday, July 6, 2012

The Weekend is Gonna Be a Cooker!

102 today, 104 tomorrow, with the Heat Index near 115....

Man-Made Global Warming is of course a Hoax...but on occasion we get Summer weather to the extreme, but nothing like this...but before you go screaming "Man Made Global Warming"...remember, California and parts west are well below normal, this excessive heat and now added humidity, is sticky in the eastern and southern half of the country....for now!

No games yesterday, but we did finally get a shower...however, even with that, most of it missed Celina, it rained for about 20 minutes here, and succeeded in only making things more humid and miserable out of doors.

Here is a quick look at the weekend ahead:

As you can see, Sunday will usher in somewhat "cooler" temperatures, near 90....but by the end of next week it will be back in the mid 90s, with little rain in the forecast.

Sam will be at Crestview tonight, with at least a single game starting at 4:30, while I travel to Lima and a single sectional game at LCC...which may or may not decide the champion of that one....Sam's game or two, will finish off the sectional at Convoy.  The Parkway District, featuring teams from the Mercer, Auglaize, and Van Wert Sectionals will begin Sunday, I am there for the opening two contests beginning at 5pm, while Sam will work the games on Monday night.

Other than that, I am guessing that time will be well spent on sitting in the A/C and waxing nostalgic about the cooler weather, that will come around October 1st.

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Photos-The Blazing Sun rises over Grand Lake, as another hot and sticky day in on tap....102 today, 104 tomorrow...and slice it anyway you want, this heatwave is NOT man-made.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Holy crap. I'm frying here. But it's interesting that the snow we had winter before last year was global warming (climate change). Now this is. Get it straight man. What a crock. I wrote about what I've been thinking about lately. I'm interested, did you have to sort things out also?

PRH....... said...

Steve: You got it right brother...whatever the left feels they need to promote their "agenda" they will 63, I am still trying to "sort" it all out...stay cool brother!

Ross said...

Pat, I am sweating like a Left Winger in church. I bet left wingers don't go to church. Anyway, you get the idea. ITS TOO HOT!