Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6 Months Past Carotid ... and life in general

Rain rolled through western Ohio this morning before dawn...and has ushered cooler weather with it....I really haven't looked at the forecast, but it appears 60s for highs are in store for the next couple of days.  Usually meaning my joints will be aching more so than normal, whatever the Hell normal is for this 63 and 1/2 year old body?

For the first time in weeks I am listening to Glenn Beck this morning.  I had stopped because it is so damn depressing...not so much for me, or my future, but for the future of this country, and my family and others after I leave this world.  Needless to say, I despise that Kenyan Son of a Bitch, and his administration that is destroying this Republic, and his supporters are not on my "Christmas List" either.....those people are either too stupid, or too evil to understand or care what is going on.

This bastard needs impeached....but that won't happen, this country is doomed, and make no mistake, the seeds have been sowed, and regardless of what happens in November, the outlook is going to suck.  Libya, last week, was a result of this Kenyan interloper's actions....Barack Obama is a criminal, and needs to be treated as one....hopefully, somebody, will have the balls to do what needs done.....he needs arrested, tried, and convicted.  Much of his administration needs the same....

Make no mistake, Obama, with the help of the American Press is undergoing a massive cover-up of the actions, and watch for the infamous "Blind Sheik" to be released shortly after the election in November, weather the Kenyan Pole Smoker wins or not.....voters, you reap what you sow, for electing this bastard who is destroying this Republic.

Surgery, six months past____

Now that I have that out of the way....I hate politics, on to other things.

In the "time flies" department....

It has been six months since I underwent Carotid Artery Surgery on my 63rd birthday, at Lima Memorial Hospital.  Tomorrow I head to New Bremen for my six months check up.  I expect my BP to be high, only because it always is at the doc office, due to my "White Coat Syndrome"....yesterday on my home monitor it was 107/59 with a heart pulse of 60.  That has been the norm, unless I am sitting in the doctor's office, and it doesn't matter which doctor. 

I also expect my blood results to show that my Cholesterol to be high...even with the meds, I don't seem to be able to lower it much, and frankly, I really have stopped giving a rat's ass.  I am on a fairly low carb/low Cholesterol regiment...and I won't increase my dose....it is not going to happen.

I am still getting up and down the football field, 5 nights a week or so, and basketball is around the corner.  Hopefully I can do those sports for a few more years, but if not, I can live with that....baseball, I plan on doing until I can no longer see or walk, or if the Lord takes me before those happen.  I have stopped worrying about it...my feet hurt, my legs hurt, but compared to most men my age, I am doing damn well....and Obama, my health, and life in general, are not something I plan on fretting about at this age.

I will carry on, do what I can, and live my live as I see fit.....

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Photos-The things I brought back from Kokomo, Hat Pin, Vietnam Vet Wristband, and Boar's Nest Patch....add the photos and memories....The day of my surgery, my 63rd birthday, 3/16/12 and the way the neck looks today...a nice little scar or big scar is what I have to show.....and I feel pretty damn good!

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