Friday, September 7, 2012

Diabetes 3 years down the road....DNC Done?

Homo and Jethro                                                           

I didn't watch the Democrats anymore than I did the GOP Convention{except the GOP Empty Chair/Clint Eastwood interview}, but from what I caught on video and news all I have to say is..."Have you ever seen a bigger collection of phony "Americans" in your life, or perverts, or illegals, or freeloaders, or Murder in the Womb supporters"?  Where the Hell are the terrorists when you need them?  That was one collection of sick sons a bitches, led by Homo and Jethro...also known as Barack and Joe. 

No doubt now that the party has broken up, the citizens of North Carolina can breath the sweet Carolina Air a bit more freely, but it will take awhile to get the stench out of the state.  Now the real  campaign begins...I, for one, plan on taking a powder from it.  Romney was hardly my first or second choice, but he is for sure one Hell of a site better than the half breed, half wit fool that is tearing this country a part, and destroying the Constitution bit by bit.  Yes indeed, it's gonna be a long two months....and if Homo and Jethro get re-elected, it is going to be a hard four years...and I can smell Revolution brewing if that happens, not calling for it, but you can feel it in the air....the left and right have never liked each other, we now despise each other, to the very core of this nation.

3 Years and Counting_____

It was three years ago this week that I was told that I had "pre-diabetes 2"....Doc Bergman sent me to the dietitian at St. Marys to get put on a "Diabetes Diet"....I began that diet three years ago today.  Like any diet, it worked, at least for a while, and like most, by my own hand, I let my weight losses slip away, at least some of the losses.

I was at 214 pounds on my 5"11" frame, given the fact I have a long body and short limbs, 214 wasn't awful, especially considering I had been a long time weight lifter...but it was still too much, and I had cut back the weight lifting, opting instead for lifting 12 oz long neck bottles of cold beer.  It was time to drop some poundage....and I did.  By the time I had been on the "diet" for 8 months, I  had lost 32 pounds, and was sitting at 182 on May 7, 2010...that was as low as it got.

I started back lifting weights, drinking darker beers, and even though I still was watching my calorie intake, the weight slipped back up, and when I weighed in this Monday morning, I was at 198...still down 16 from 3 years ago, but up 16 from the low.  It is time to lose those 16 and maybe a couple more.  My original goal was 180, and that is what I will drop to before the end of this calender year.   The Holidays and Vietnam Reunion{next week} be damned.

I am not convincing myself that it will be never is, and especially at my age, on BP and Cholesterol medication, but I will make it down to 180 by years fact I plan on dropping to 178 just to give myself a bit of leeway....wish me luck.

Football and Thunderstorms, a bad mix___

Storms are moving into Indiana at this hour, and are scheduled to arrive sometime this afternoon....hopefully the forecast is wrong, and any strong storms will be out of the area by game time at 7:30, football crowds and storms are a bad's a pain during baseball season, but unlike Friday night football, in spring baseball, you usually don't have the crowds to take care of ...let's hope it fizzles or gets through the area by kickoff time.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to work a JV game at Wayne Trace in the morning, a fall baseball double header in the afternoon, then Sunday, Sam and I are working a youth football double...gonna be one of those weekends, and we don't need the Thunder and Lightning to contend with.

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Photo-The First Lady and his(?) VP....(2) Too much of this and not enough of this(3) has led me to gaining back half of what I originally lost. (4)  Rain Gear might be necessary tonight at Parkway, but tomorrow and the weekend look dryer and much cooler.

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