Friday, September 28, 2012

Another Friday, the Beat{down} Goes On!

Went out and worked a Junior High football double last night at St. Henry, where visiting Coldwater won both games by razor thin margins....It was wet from two days of rain, so I took the Ref position to avoid as much wear and tear on my heel as possible.  I came away, still in pain and not very mobile, by the time 6am rolled around, a sharp pain in my upper left calf, took away my heel worries, as this major "Charlie Horse" woke me up, and got me hobbling out of bed in a still is sore at I begin today's blog.  Tonight at Defiance will be a challenge, especially since I am moving over from Line Judge to Head Linesman{the guy on the sidelines who controls the Chain Crew}.  The reason for the switch?  The Defiance head coach and AD and I started the first Cable Sports show in Van Wert back in 1982...Jerry was then the young head coach at VW and I was working a part time gig as news and sports director for Cable Channel 7...damn 30 years ago, seem almost impossible.

Anyway, Jerry and I were pretty close back in those days, and the crew thought it best to switch sides, so I don't feel any need to give Jerry a break...I wouldn't, I treat everybody equally, at least I try to on the sidelines, although there are instances that push my buttons to the edge.  For tonight's game, we have two storied WBL programs, who are both down this year...St Marys, coming off a 47-7 trashing at the hands of arch rival Celina is 0-5, while the Blue Dogs are 1-4...the game should be "competitive".

Tomorrow I am scheduled to work a JV game at Paulding, which I have already given to Sam, who is also working in the Defiance area, at Tinora tonight, with Garry's Crew in a key GMC game....I am still schedule to umpire Fall Baseball tomorrow afternoon, that is less strain on my legs and heel...hopefully at least.  Sunday Sam and I work a youth double here in Celina, and by the time that is over, I should be able to tell if I will need to dump more games next week....I am guessing I will probably need to.

From the Time Flies Department......

Back in late July I passed five years of typing out this blog....popping out a new one some 5 days or so a week, usually taking the weekends off.  At that time I decided to cut back, and have since been producing about 3 blogs per week.  Things had gotten stale, and I was typing out mostly mundane daily diaries, and frankly didn't like it one bit. 

Looking back on the five plus years, things in the blogging world have changed since I started out with this crude but honest effort:

July 27, 2007....boy have things changed since I started....

There was Mushy, and the Fat Hairy Bastard, Bruno, Sarge Charlie, Buck Pennington, Lin, The Hermit, and Shrinky for over in the British Isle, along with a dozen or so others who I corresponded and followed their postings....things have changed, to say the least.

Sarge, my fellow Vietnam Veteran has passed on, early this year his battle with cancer was finally lost, Lin, who lost her husband has stopped blogging, but remains in contact via e-mail from New Mexico.  Mushy, another VSPA Air Force Sky Cop and FHB both still blog, but not in the numbers they once did, same goes for Shrinky, The Hermit dropped out of site, being the mountain man he was, he saw the Government behind every rock, and he may have been right.  Bruno still writes on occasion, but the only one who jots down daily bits and pieces is Buck, who still lives in New Mexico, and continues to blog just about every day.

Yes sir, it seems on one hand I have been "blogging" for a long time, but on the other, I realize just how quickly and how much can and does change in 5 short years.

Enjoy the Weekend...back later>>>>

Photos-Not many Summer Photos of Grand Lake to take this year....Fall is in the Air for sure.  (2) From the 1980s at Newse7en Cable, where I pulled News Anchor and Sports play-by-play, my only sojourn into TV work..(3).aging "gracefully"?  And (4) after working in wet conditions last night, then downing a few "Seasonal Brews", I feel this morning much like Ted Kennedy did most mornings....and I sure the Hell don't like it.

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