Monday, September 24, 2012

First Frost....and a few more rants

I noticed the roof{just above the kitchen} had a nice coating of frost on this morning, as I looked out our upstairs bedroom window to the south.  The first frost of the year, although I did not notice anything on the ground...the temperatures will warm somewhat over the week, mostly being in the lower 70s with lows in the upper 40s and 50s.  Rain and more thundershowers for tomorrow....we don't need that.

With the short growing season, the grass has made a comeback and we are mowing much like we did in May, before the Summer heat and drought dried things up...I also am amused, that as bad a growing season as I had for Summer, the few Sunflowers, and even the late arriving Moon Flowers are starting to pop out, the final couple of Sunflowers are in the process of blooming, and one single Moonie came out...not sure how long that will last, guess it depends on if we get a hard frost, before Indian Summer makes a call.  With the weird weather this year, who knows what is going to come for October and November.

More Friday Football Storms......

The rain was predicted for Friday night, the mass of Thunderstorms was our crew got to halftime Friday in our battle of the undefeated....and then the lightning, for the second time in three Friday Nights,  put an end to the night.  We were forced to come back on Saturday afternoon to finish it off.

To top it off, I managed to slip on the turf field, and twisted my already inflamed heel...that was Friday, and Saturday I made a go of it...not a wise decision, and further inflamed my foot.  Thus, I am taking today through Wednesday off, with Sam home and without games this week, it will take my place at Celina tonight, and Wayne Trace tomorrow...I will try to give it a go on Thursday, to see if I am ready for the Varsity game Friday.  Frankly however, if I don't improve, I am just about ready to dump the rest of the season.  Considering my current attitude, that may not be a bad idea.

Here is what I appear to be saddled with at this never seems to end, "Golden Years, My Ass":

The past handful of seasons, I have been perfectly content to 'fill in' five or six Varsity games a year, I really had no desire to get back into working on a set crew for 10 Friday nights in a row.  The pay is hardly worth it{$60 to $70 a game)..what you make is gone is equipment, gas money, and eats after the Friday games.  The mindless BS you put up with from some of the coaches is even more irritating.

As I ranted last week, don't get me wrong, there are some good guys coaching, however frankly, there are more that enough assholes to make up for it.  And as luck would have it, being a "Line Judge", meaning you stand on one team or the others sideline, you are going to hear it from a number of them.  There is an unwritten rule in the state association, that you don't bad mouth schools and coaches, or fellow officials on "social media" or in public...or maybe it is a written suggestion....and I don't do that, at least not by name....however, let me say this.

At 63 1/2 years old, I don't have much to worry about, after all I am not getting rich doing this, it is an extra curricular activity.  The only one of the three sports I really enjoy doing is and basketball, especially the latter, are something I do to try to keep in shape.  And given my current foot/heel issues, I'm not doing a very good job of that.  So my tolerance for "assholes" is limited.  Let's say 30 years ago, my attitude was such, that I probably would have .... well never mind, you get my drift.

I particularly enjoy it, when you flag some clown, "Ass-sistant" Coach on the sidelines for being a whiny little bitch, and he spends the rest of the game, giving you the 'Stare", like some 5' 8" 140 pound bad ass.  No BA, you are not one, you are a punk, and given the fact that you are probably 20 years younger than me...don't let it stop you if we ever meet on the street, and you are feeling "Froggy",  Just think Robin Ventura/Nolan Ryan...

In Other News....

The Reds finally clinched the NL Central, well I shouldn't say 'finally', they were after all the first team to sew up it's division.  Now they play out the string and wait to see where they are headed in the first round of the playoffs.  A great season by Cincinnati is only going to be that great if they can win a round or two in the playoffs...A World Series win is possible, but even I don't envision that....the team has pitched well, but the hitting has been sporadic at best, most of the season.

And Barack Obama is still a worthless, Marxist, Islamic Terrorist Coddling, Jack Ass....

back later>>>>

Photos-The last of my sparse season of back yard Sunflowers are least one is pretty spectacular...rising about 14 foot(the 2nd photo) this one looks like the best of a rotten season...better luck to me next year.  Football is not all that is is cracked up to out Back Judge, Terry, gets rolled by a receiver a couple of weeks ago/Photo By Pat Agler, Rockford, Ohio, thanks Pat!!!...despite the foot and heel problems I have had, at least I have steered clear of flying players, not so much for a few asshole coaches.  And this is what I have "Plantar Fasciitis" or  Damn Sore Heel in my vocabulary....we will see if a bit of rest will work for me.