Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Reflecting....again!

Today would have been a good day to wake up early and head out and take some sunrise photos around Grand Lake....I did wake up early, the sunrise, with the mix of clouds, did look pretty spectacular, but I was not going out....instead, I made the coffee, saw Patricia off, and headed for the shower...several things on my mind.  Some I will reflect on here, some I will keep in my own world and mind.

Past Kokomo Reunion>>>>>

A week ago at this time, I was up and about, and nursing a mild hangover at the Howard County Campgrounds,  of the 30th Anniversary Celebration.  Wednesday had been a pretty good day, and we celebrated well into Thursday morning, with a bit of "shine", a few beers, and a large amount of BS.

The gang at Kokomo, at least those I know, are most a great group....sure there are a couple of Obama supporters{why any Vet, especially a Vietnam Veteran, would support the Kenyan Bastard, is beyond me},  but that doesn't make them bad people, misguided sure, but not necessarily bad....there are others I have met, I suspect are bullshit artists to the Nth degree. 

Not a lot of war stories, I sure don't have many to tell...afterall, I was a Air Force Cop, working both Law Enforcement at Nha Trang first, then Security at my second base, Tan Son Nhut{Saigon}.  Air Force Security was likely the second most dangerous among Air Force jobs in Nam...the actual "fly boys" who were pilots or their crew members were on the top of the list.  No I have no real "war stories" to tell...there are others that do, and a few of them were out right liars, just a few that stop by the Boar's Next...they are easy to spot, those of us that knew, just kind of looked at each other, nodding....."Wannabees" is what they were, the rest of us, some combat vets, some support types, and others, MPs and Sky Cops, don't have to lie, at least we shouldn't,  we were there, that was enough.

Football Friday Nights>>>>

Tomorrow Night we will travel to Lima Stadium, where 3rd ranked Lima Central Catholic takes on also undefeated Delphos Jefferson.  On paper it should be a good game, but in reality, you never know.

There are games you enjoy and coaches you respect, there are also games that are a major pain in the ass, and coaches that you have no respect for, either as human beings, or coaches, or both.  Sometimes the aftermath leaves you scratching your head, and wondering why you didn't do something different or at least something sooner.

In all varsity high school sports in Ohio, there is a rating system for officials, that system in theory is supposed to decide who gets post system tournament games, in reality that is not always the case.  The coaches have a say in ratings, as they get to rate the officials, in theory that is supposed to matter, in reality, it doesn't.  So I take comments and ratings with a huge grain of salt.  There are times however I would like to turn the tables and rate the coaches...after all, I was a coach at various levels in several sports, Baseball, Football, and Soccer,  not that means I was a great or even good coach, but I do know good and bad coaches when I see them.

So rating officials is not much more than a game....however, sometimes, if you are a stone cold liar, those ratings might get out, and sometimes that might bit one in the ass....

I'd much more rather just officiate and umpire, and enjoy my time on the field or diamond...sometimes it's not that easy.

Fall In, This Saturday>>>>

Looks like rain gear will be needed at tomorrow night's game, then Saturday, the first official day of Autumn, it will be cold and wet....that is likely to cancel my baseball double header, which is scheduled for Spencerville, after I work a JV Football game at Wayne Trace on Saturday Morning.

Then, next week, if the forecast is correct{what are those odds?} it looks like lots of sun and near perfect fall temperatures, in the lower and mid 70s....seems like a good time to get to painting that garage....

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the doctor visit from yesterday....I figured my Cholesterol would still be high, and the White Coat Syndrome would have my Blood Pressure high, contrary to what it is on my home device....wrong in both cases.

The BP was a bit higher than my home monitor...I was at 115/60 with a pulse of 55 per minute just before I left for New Bremen, at the office, it was at 133/80, which compared to usual was fine with me and the doc, my Cholesterol was down sufficiently to be near normal, seems the Lipitor is working, and I won't be back there for 6 months.  Regular doc next month and my Carotid check-up about the same time as the March I'm feeling pretty good about those results.

back later>>>>

Photos-The Sunrise this morning probably looked "grand" over Grand Lake, The Pennsylvania Boys...Tommy, Butch, and Buds, these guys were real heroes, no wannabee types in this crew last week at Kokomo.  Football Friday, the Good and Bad, and Fall arrives officially on Saturday.

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