Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Back" to Fort Wayne

After yesterday's appointment with my regular doctor, the all clear was given to go ahead and get the long awaited epidural injection....called Fort Wayne Orthopedics, and lo and behold they can get me in tomorrow afternoon. Guess the key is not getting too worked up, and keeping the blood pressure at a manageable level through tomorrow.
Still not sure if the injection has much chance of working, but at least it will be one more step in the progress of managing my spinal stenosis....I know it really can not be cured(even surgery is a shot in the dark with this type back issue)..but it can be held in check, and it is possible to get my life back to the active state I am used to....if this fails, there are several new options that are rising on the scene.....just another adventure in life, we will see what it goes.


Wrote back in early November that the old Mersman Table factory, sitting idle since 1991, is in the process of being torn down.....The plant in Celina was built in 1900 and was Celina's largest employer from many years....making beds, furniture, but was best known for Tables...the largest manufacture of tables in the USA:

The remains of the factory sits just north of my house on several acres....the clean up is needed, but any low rent housing is not....Celina, a city of 11,000 has enough dumps...I would like to see it turned into a nice park.....fat chance of that happening if the city and developer can get a grant and make a buck off the taxpayers and the poor.

The all mighty EPA has finally given permission for the entire building to go...including the 100+ year old smoke stack.....hopefully I will be able to get photos of that the time, the wrecking ball is going through this slow will be a few years before they are done, and the debris moved....

{photos of Mersmans as it looked in early November, and this morning as the wrecking nears the famous stack}


Mushy said...

Man, that would be neat...for you to get some shots of the stack going down.

Get's the season to be jolly!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I wanna see it "bite the dust", too!!!

Meanwhile, keep me(ok---US!)advised on how good the epidural works---your PAIN might be some of MY GAIN....!