Thursday, December 13, 2007

If It's Not One Thing..........part 2

Just a quick update.....7:45AM

Went to Doc Bergman's yesterday at around 1:30pm....his main question was "What has changed in the past year" At my DOT Driver's physical my blood pressure was at 135/85...not low, but nowhere near the danger only response was..."2 months of chronic pain and about 11-15 pounds from sitting on my ass not working out....."

The office BP was 202/100...still not good, so Doc gave me a prescription for: a day for the next week, until back at his office next Wednesday morning....

Patricia meanwhile buys me a new home monitoring system...I guess anyone with BP issues(which I never had until this happened) should have can get a wrist model or the one I have(shown in photo) for the upper arm...this is my Christmas present...fair enough...they retail for about $75...this one at our pharmacy was $69....the smaller wrist models are $10-15 less....I know mom had a wrist variety...but sent it back...seems she was paranoid and taking the damn readings every 15 minutes...not good!

I took my first one last night...191/103....this morning before my first BP pill was a better 159/ the plan is to take a reading in the morning before the an hour after, one at noon and one around 6PM or so....sounds like the daily doings of a very bored man.....

Meanwhile I will hold out the hope I can still get the steroid epidural for the back before Christmas.....but it will be at least a week after the next weeks visit before I can get it least I am semi-retired...I work next week two mornings at Honda in Greenville(which they asked if I wanted off...but told Dave I needed the walking around, so I would continue to plug along), then off to January 8th....which would be a nice date...BP down, back injected, and the Buckeyes fresh from a National Championship win over LSU......;)

Passing of a legend_____________

Ike Turner, for most non-music aficionados was a wife beating street thug who was second fiddle to his more talented wife Tina.....of course that's what the left wing media, yes the entertainment media is as far left as any media, would have you for me, I really don't know what the man was like....but I do know, he was the talent and brains in early Rock and Roll long before Tina became a star by claiming abuse, and putting out some damn nice music herself.

Great Early Ike and Tina Video:

Being a Radio DJ back in the 70s, I had access to all kinds of free music LPs, Demo Cuts, etc....and it was during that time I found the genius of Ike Turner's music....his stuff was soul mixed with Rock and Roll...not like that shit black "artists" and wannabee whites put out gotta wonder what the Hell this generation and the next will call "Oldie Goldie" music...rap, hip hop, today's modern country(for the most part), and Rock, is nothing more that garbage...and this is not from some old fart who "hates that damn kid's music"'s from someone who has been around radio and knows good from bad....

The 60s had bad bubble gum, the 70s had Disco crap...the 80s techno swill, since that's all crap.....and that is being nice...Ike had one of the(if not the first) Rock tune in 1951 called..."Rocket 88"

Ike Turner dead at 76...................a talented and troubled life ends.


Cookie..... said...

Hey Pat...I've been taking Lisinopril for 2 years works GREAT!

BTW...when he first prescribed it, he told me I'd have to take one pill a day for the rest of my life. Scared the livin B'Jesus outta me he did...cause he only gave me 4 pills... ;-)

Mushy said...

Things are looking me, we need to work some of our ass off!

Anonymous said...

I take all kinds of medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol, but the thing that really works best is losing some weight. Not that that's easy to do, I try to watch what I eat and walk a mile a day.

But I still have to take the damned pills.

pat houseworth said...

Kind of a two way street...I walk, umpire, lift weights, and run while officiating football...but the last month or so has put the cabash in most of as the blood pressure goes down, I can work on my back problem...then get back to my normal workouts....I've never been much of a "med" low does aspirin and a few drinks usually does the trick for I venture out into this new world....will see how it goes.

I just think of it as and adventure....;)

Buck Pennington said...

Progress on the Body Front, eh? That's good to hear, Pat. I hope the BP gets down and you get your epidural re-scheduled.

As for "of course that's what the left wing media, yes the entertainment media is as far left as any media, would have you for me, I really don't know what the man was like....", I pretty much believe the stuff that's been said/is said about Ike Turner, regardless of source. You're right that only Ike and Tina (and maybe their lawyers and family) really know what happened between them. Still and even, her story rings true. To me. And I always thought she was the REAL talent in the Ike and Tina Revue.

BRUNO said...

My Dad was like that---two Bayer aspirins, and an hour later, you'd think he'd been tokin' a joint!

Me? I should get an automatic 20% discount from the drug companies! That, or a complementary share of their holdings!

Just make sure you get a better Rx than COOKIE, above! Guess he could've got a second opinion---probably would've scheduled it for sometime the next week......!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Same pill I just started takin'. I guess if mine keeps goin' down I'll be off the stuff eventually. I need to work out and lose weight for that and the diabetes, but the work schedule doesn't make it easy to do. Just wanna plop after gettin' home.