Friday, December 7, 2007

December 7, 1941

I need to pass along this salute to the Greatest Generation before the midnight hour strikes. Pearl Harbor does not get the mention as the turning point in US and World History that it once did.....that is a shame.

The attack on the Hawaiian Island changed America from a sleepy isolationist nation post WWI to the victim, albeit, a pissed off victim of Japan's aggression....of course tossing Nazi Germany into the mix was a "bargain" chip.....let's face it, a lot of men died, mistakes were made, but we kicked their asses....yes we had some help, especially from the rough and tumble Brits(what a nation of limp wrists that has become)....and from other countries...but make no mistake about it....despite what the left wing revisionists of history may was the American GI that kicked Germany's ass....and the guts of Harry Truman to end the bloodshed by dropping a couple of big ones on the Japs, that won the war......Politically Correct I am not....never have been, never will be......we as a people and a country need to take a page out of the WW2 generation's play book....and prepare to kick some Islamic ass.....and kick it so they won't want or be able to ask for seconds.

Salute to the WW2 Generation.....

{photos} The framed "Remember Pearl Harbor" item hung on my grandmother's wall for well over 50 now hangs in the "Antique Room" of my basement(note the 1951 calender next to it) along with many other war and post war items.......Hawaii on the morning of December 7, 1941}


BRUNO said...

It's a shame we can't get the people of this country together, as they were during WW 2. Oh, there were dissidents then, too I'm sure, but by '45, they were pretty much also convinced it was "the right thing to do"!

For some reason, todays' citizens feel they are pretty much immune to the atrocities of Islam, now. Goin' through life with blinders---it's "safer", and "less offensive" that way. God forbid to "talk-down" to your enemies!

Stop this damned war of attrition, and the fear of offending Muslims. To use an "old-people" phrase: Either SHIT, or get off the pot....!!!

Buck Pennington said...

Pearl Harbor does not get the mention as the turning point in US and World History that it once did.....that is a shame.

Just out of curiosity, I did a Google blog-search on "Pearl Harbor Day" and only got 1,349 hits for the past week.

A similar search, using the same time parameter, on "Paris Hilton" turns up 45,005 hits. And she hasn't been in the news of late.

Shameful, indeed.

pat houseworth said...

Wow Buck...even I didn't know it was that bad..........bruno, the fault lies in our generation, the Baby Boombers decided to make living easy for their kids....they fucked is ment to be enjoyed, but you do have to work at it and contribute....Generation X and beyond has chosen to live their lives through Pop Culture....sad indeed.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Great post man. Yep, the society now is pretty shallow. I think the folks that are signin' up to fight today are as comitted as their grandparents were, but they live in a consumer culture saturated with media images that fill their heads with all sorts of crap. There are a lot of peralles to the society in the 1920s, before WW2. Remeber the "speak easies" and the "flappers"? There was a lot of stupid escapist crap back then, before the depression hit the cities. I think the point to remember about "the greatest generation" is that they had been hardened by the rural depression of the 20s, and then the urban one in the 30s, growing up with nothing, and then thrown into to titanic struggle of the war. It was they who came out of all that determineds to make life easier on their kids, so their kids wouldn't have to suffer as they did. Thing is, they did too good a job. A lot of boomers, like me, have no experience of real hardship to teach them what is really important. We grew up with the social upheavals and the generation gap. The kids now have boomer parents who won't spank them and raise them, so the schools have to try to do it. In other words, we're headed for a real shit storm. Wait till the shallow assed kids in the future find out they're gonna have to work two jobs to pay the bill for our pills and viagra in the nursing home!

pat houseworth said...

Exactly FHB, exactly....I look at my family history...and those folks took care of their own. The parents and grandparents rasied the kids, then when those kids got old, their kids took care of them....jsut they way it was. And the country and society was better off in the long run, for it.