Monday, December 3, 2007

The Weekend/Old Cars in Old Photos

I have to say I sat around watching football and nursing the back all weekend....not something I'd rather do, but you go with what you are given, and that's where I am at right now.....with the MRI done, I head back to Fort Wayne Wednesday, and look forward to moving forward, with whatever it takes to get back on the right path to walking and sleeping like a normal 58 year old(whatever the Hell that might be).

The football was interesting...both local teams won their respective State Championships(see previous posts), in Division 5 and Division 4......also Ohio State and LSU backed into the National Championship game in D 1 college...thanks to a monumental choke by West Virginia, and Missouri tanking it to Oklahoma. It probably should have come down to OSU and LSU...Big 1o vs the SEC, and 2 Ohio born coaches going for all the marbles.

I was even watching the NFL yesterday.....something I usually don't do if the weather and back are doing well....but they were not, so I did....both Ohio teams did what they do best.... the Browns and Bengals lost.


Did you ever notice how cars are a big part of almost all photo albums? Well at least that's the case in my family...I dug out some old photos from the 1920s and 1930s saying, "I wish I had those cars today" We always had a variety of was a mechanic, and a fixer upper of assorted cars...when he died on Christmas eve of 1972 he was working on a 1939 Studebaker....the damn thing had some kind of "reverse" engine....and he had it torn down...we had no clue, so mom sold it a year or so later just to get it out of the driveway...because we were clueless on how to get the damn thing running good as the old man was working on engines...that's how bad I am...always love to drive em', just never liked working on them.....

Anyhow, here are some photos of long gone family members and some of their vehicles......just don't ask me to name each vehicle....I can remember or identify some, but not all of them.
Anyway, top to bottom looks something like this:
(1)1975 at Daytona Beach, me in my Hippy Dippy 1960 something Ford Van.
(2) Grandma Houseworth's ride and her dog back in the 1930s
(3) My Aunt Eva Houseworth Anspaugh in 1938
(4) The Waldron Family Reunion with a line of cars back in 1930 at Paulding, Ohio
(5) My 1987 T/A Firebird, got rid of that before the boys could drive it...those things are sharp, but not worth a damn in snow or even rain.
(6)My 9th birthday party, March of 1958, with the Blackburn Boys in Venice, Florida...I have the catcher's mitt(my present) and the only girl is my sister Marty...the ride is a 1956 Chevy, my mom learned to drive in this one at the ripe old age of 33.
(7)Aunt Cecil Houseworth Linker in 1920(outside with hat on) and some Houseworlth cousins, out for a "Sunday" drive.
(8) Aunt Eva again, my guess is the early 40s.....
(9) My Grandad's dad, back in the early 40s....not sure what he was getting into, but always like his pose in this photo.
(10) Cecil and her husband Hank with a friend, back in 1923.


Buck Pennington said...

Dang, I luvs me some old car photos...and you've got some great ones, Pat.

Mushy said...

I had to laugh out loud when I saw the van shot...reminded me of a story a gal once told me, in front of her husband, how she once went to Florida with three guys and saw nothing but the top of the van the whole trip down and back!

Now I'll have to wonder if you were one of those guys! Her name was Pat too!

Great post...I too love car pictures.

BRUNO said...

That makes THREE of us! Let's see some MORE...!

Anonymous said...

About every other month in summer and fall season, the local bank puts on old car shows. People bring them from all over ,and they have country music and free barbecue. It's a good time. I like the old vehicles from the 1930's the best.