Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer? / The Painting Project Continues

Things usually slow down in the heat of summer, even in the political infested dump called Washington DC...but not with our resident Marxist-in-Chief, Barry Soetoro in Charge. Barry and his willing accomplices in the press and Congress are moving full speed ahead with the disaster called "Mandatory Health Care"...a $1.5 trillion, that's with 12 zeros folks, boondoggle, that will help break the bank and the backs of American Taxpayers. You(at least 53%) wanted the "Change" this SOB is bringing, make sure you don't choke on it, because the Health Bill hasn't been passed just yet
Meanwhile my house painting projects continues at a slow and steady pace. I've moved onto the east side and I've have noticed one thing...when you have paint mixed, it never is exactly the same as the last batch. This usually can mean a problem, especially if you use a different store to buy the mix, or have "left overs" from the past painting project, which is the case for me.

Now, I wasn't going to let go to waste a 5 gallon bucket of the turtle green that I had left over from my last go at this in 2004. With a house that is 80% wood from 1923 and 20% from 1945, the paint may say "15 Year Severe Storm", but if you get 5 years(on the sunny side of the house) or more, you consider yourself lucky. Anyhow, I had one bucket left over, a 5 gallon bucket at $20 a gallon these days, I was not going to let that go to waste. Thus I figured to paint the back part of the house and the garage with that amount, that way, if the colors didn't match exactly, few would notice, except me and Patricia....I want the house to look good, but no perfectionist am I...besides the thing will need painted again in about 2015.

Anyway, got the back done last week, as well as the side of the garage facing the back yard. So it was off to Menards(bought the last batch in 04 at Lowe's)...took my samples and had the Menard Girls mix up a batch of 7 gallons of my Turtle 5 gallon bucket and 2 single gallon buckets, I also got another gallon of the beige trim, and one of October Red...I had purchased a gallon of flat white for the upper trim earlier.

I started on the east side with the new mix on you can see by photo at the top, the color is a little lighter than the old mix....lucky for me, there is enough in the 7 gallons that I should finish the house without having to dip back into the old 5 gallon bucket, except for maybe the remainder of the completion date is Labor Day, or that is my hope. Football begins in late August, and September is the busiest month, and painting in not on the priority list, once football starts.

Today I will see if the rain passes or misses us, if the approaching storm dumps on us{and we can still use it}, I will hold off. Tomorrow my 6 month doctor's appointment is on the schedule, to check blood pressure etc{probably still high} and the rest of me, so if no painting today, it may be awhile before I get back at it....perhaps over the weekend.

Dawg Days of Summer____

July and August are usually referred to in the Midwest as "The Dog Days"...usually hot and humid to the extent that even your dog doesn't want to get up and chase rabbits, they and you just want to sit around under the apple trees and try to catch a breeze, or better yet, sit on your ass in the Air Conditioned house or work place. With the Chicken Little Wacky Left crying "Global Warming" at every turn, it should even be worse this year, right? Hardly...this so far has been the coolest summer I can remember since the family left Florida in 1962. Mind you I'm not complaining, the low humidity, combined with the less than 90 degree temps, mean not having to use the central A/C as much, and with the Sky Rocketing Obama induced energy costs, is good news.

It's also good news when it comes to working outdoors, especially painting, is also more enjoyable{if one can call outdoor house painting enjoyable}, when the humidity and temperature levels are Global Warming be dammed! I plan on enjoying the respite from the heat and humidity....I can only hope it lasts through the remainder of the painting and into the early fall football season.

Speaking of Football___

With baseball winding down, just a couple more tournaments to go, Football season is on the horizon. Sam and I got our 2009-10 material from the State(OHSAA) yesterday. Rule Books, Changes, State Meeting Materials, etc. Which means, it won't be long, August will see the football rules and scrimmage begin, with the full High School season beginning as the month hits the 3 week mark....not really ready for it, but give me some time and I will try to get my mind and body(a little more physical than baseball work, a little less than basketball officiating) ready for the gridiron.

Waiting on the rain, or to paint...meanwhile I'll have another cup of coffee.....

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Photos-The Paint...left is the new shade(lighter) vs the old shade on the right side. The "Dog Days" not so much this year, so far anyway. And the packet of football rule changes and other material from the Ohio High School Athletic Association{OHSAA}...The change from baseball to football begins in August.


Deborah Wilson said...

Well, it looks like the painting is coming along good - hopefully the weather will hold out for you.

The last time that I painted a house was with my ex-husband - and after about 3 days it was a constant argument....soon, it was only a matter of who threw the other one down the well first! lol

PRH....... said...

That's why I'm painting the outside of the house Deb, and Patricia is doing her summer mistakes are mine and her's can be her's......if I screw this painting up, I have no one to blame but me.

Larry said...

Again, I'm so glad this is not MY project, Pat. I'd probably just do the prep work [perhaps most-critical part of project] and hire some of those hungry "College-Student Painters" crews to apply the color. You're more ambitious than me, Buddy.

Anonymous said...

I hate painting, not least because I have to go up on a ladder. That's something that has not worked out very well for me over the past few years. Watch yourself up there.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Good luck with that painting. Glad we have a stone house;)