Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain, Hackers, and another weekend by the boards

Finally we got some rain over the weekend....after a month long dry spell, more or less, we received anywhere from 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches of rain in west central Ohio on Saturday. Celina, somewhere in the middle, with an in and a half or so. Enough down in Minster to postpone my games, thus cancelling out my weekend schedule at the Districts...not sure how that worked out, but I needed the break anyway. 98 games since March with another handful to go, will probably end up with somewhere around 105-110 contests for the season, a full 20 more than last year...this is slowing down?

Since the rain cancelled out Saturday evenings baseball umpire gig, Patricia, Anissa, and I, headed south to meet up with Hal....he had some items he needed, SS Card, Birth Certificate, etc, for his job search now that his Masters Degree at Wright State is he joins his mom with a Masters in Education, now for finding a job in this Obamanation of an economy. He does have a job interview in the small city of Eaton tomorrow the meantime he does have an offer on the table, and can also continue to work for Celina Moving as he things for him are not that desperate. But I know he does want to or would like to teach High School full time, if he can find the right fit for this fall.

Anyway, we met up at the local Applebees near Troy, Ohio, and had a meal there, before parting ways, him south 30 miles and we back north our 60 miles or so. The rain had ended by this time, so we took the back roads home to Celina.

Yesterday started out foggy, but the sun quickly burst through....I grabbed my wallet, stopped by mom's, while Patricia and Anissa headed for Church....I had a mission to buy the rest of the paint for the house, and look at a new mid-sized ladder....I was tired of lugging around the old 30 foot wooden one, with Sam having to come out and help each time it needed moved....some $300 later, with the paint from Menard's, and a new 16 foot aluminum ladder from Wally World, I headed money gone, but ready to get back at the painting, which I had already decided that would wait until today.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting out back, fired up a couple of cigars and put a six pack down as I listened to the Reds lose another one and the afternoon faded into setting sun.

Hackers take over my GMail____
Not to bore with details, but on Friday night my Gmail account, and thus Blogger, were hacked own dumbass mistake was at fault. Google took care of the problem, and a new password was taken care of in less than 2 hours....if not for that, I would have lost access to this blog, and all my e-mail addresses that run through my GMail...what a pain in the ass that would have been. Anyway, thanks to the Google Team{the real one, not the one that hacked into my account} for the quick work, thus saving me this blog, plus many hours, if not days, which it would have taken to get things back to "normal".

Be aware however, if you have GMail, make sure you dump any mail coming from "The GMail Team" into the Spam folder...I am a little surprised that Google hasn't already done this....because, even after I got my act back together, the fake "team" is still back trying to hack my I've invented new ways to slap them back, and waste their time.

That's gonna do it for this Monday, I'll be back with another post about my 40th anniversary in Vietnam....speaking of which, where were you 40 years ago next week, when my west central Ohio "homie" Neil Armstrong{from nearby Wapakoneta} stepped foot on the Moon?

Back Later>>>>
Photos-Neil Armstrong from nearby Wapakoneta salutes the flag on the Moon, July 20, 1969...The rain over the weekend helps my Mammoth Sunflower stalks grown to 8 feet, now it's about time the flowers themselves come out, and Hackers took over my Gmail account for a couple of hours on Friday, but quick action saved the day.

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FHB said...

I remember the landing. We were in England then, and the landing happened in the middle of the night. I wanted to stay up with dad and watch it on TV, but he wouldn't let me. Bummer. I think I'd let my son stay up.