Friday, July 10, 2009

Final American Legion Game for this Season

Summer is back...I awoke not until 9 this morning, very, very, late for me. Usually somewhere between 7-7:30 is my pop out of bed time....but after doing a 2 1/2 hour American Legion game behind the plate last night, and not hitting the sack until after Midnight, my body decided to stay in the sack and my mind agreed.

Have not even got back to the painting today...though about a couple of different avenues to go, but just didn't have the energy or will to get at it. With a baseball double header slated at the Minster ACME Distict tomorrow, and a drive towards Dayton to meet up with Hal on Sunday, it may be Monday before I get back at it...but then again, I did say this project was going to take at least 2 months....don't want to rush my finish date> :)

Speaking of Hal, he called this morning and said he does have his first High School job interview...that will take place at Eaton, Ohio, down US 127 some 60 miles from here, on Tuesday morning. Hopefully one of many interviews, or maybe just the only one he will need. Good Luck Hal! He also finished up his Masters of Eduction degree work this past Congratulations Hal...after the party and dinner for his Bachelors last June, this year you get your car insurance paid for until you get a full time job....but that's it in the Obama economy we are currently saddled with.

Gene Stechschulte, Coach, Ottawa American Legion Post #63

Sam and I headed to Van Wert late yesterday afternoon to work our final scheduled American Legion game of the season....The hometown team would take on the squad from Ottawa, Ohio. Van Wert had received the top seed in this weekend's district at St Marys, a District that has been reduced to 3 teams after having 6 in years past...this would be a warm up game for both squads. Ottawa is coached by former St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Gene Stechschulte. Stechschulte, from near by Kalida, had a 3 year career with the Cards back in the early 2000s before 3 arm surgeries effectively ended his playing days. His top season with St. Louis was 2002, when he had 6 saves in 67 relief appearances...he also is the only pitcher who, as a pinch hitter, homered on the first pitch he ever saw as a major league hitter. One of his assistance is my old buddy/adversary from Fort Jennings, the head spring coach, Jeff Zwick. Meanwhile Van Wert assistant John Archer, who was coaching alone last night, is an old buddy of mine from Rockford, who I worked and hung around with in the early and mid 1970s. An interesting cast of caricatures...anyway, with Van Wert going with "Johnny Wholestaff" while preparing for this weekends District, Ottawa jumped out early and cruised to a 14-2, 7 inning win. Ottawa starts their northern District next week.

That about does it for this week....I'll be back with more from my year in Vietnam on Monday, and a update on the painting project...come to think of it, I may head out and do some trim work right now, just so I don't lose the "touch"

Have a great weekend!

back later>>>>

Photo-Former St. Louis Card hurler and current Ottawa Legion coach and independent baseball trainer in Northwest Ohio, Gene Stechschulte.

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Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Pat where do you get all of that energy. Your a better man than me. Hell I get off work at 1700 and I am hosed.

PRH....... said...

Retirement Gramps....and a wife that still likes her job....I doubt if I could do this many games(100 baseball 40 football and another 40 basketball) back when I was still working, back then, I ddi about 75 total.

Gotta do something though to justify the beer I drink :)