Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Painting, Stiff Necks, and Our Racist-in-Chief

Pretty much a ho-hum type day yesterday. Fed the Birds{really the squirrels} in the back yard, did a Bible Study with Patricia, and then finally got around to the house painting project. Put in about 5 hours, and completed the white facing trim on the front of the porch, then got some trim done, and finally got over to the west side of the house, and started the base "green" there. Meanwhile Patricia started the small "October Red" trim around the windows and doors{See top photo}...She being a much more steady hand and with much more patience than me to do the small stuff.

Today they are calling for a 40% chance of rain, with 50% tomorrow....not sure if we will get any, we do need some more, and that will decide how much if any painting I will get done today or tomorrow. One thing for sure, the project is moving along, and I should have no problem finishing up by my projected date of Labor Day come early September. Another guarantee is, the "Stiff Neck" is going to remain with me until this project is completed, but that is something I can live with.

Obama=The Marxist/Racist-in-Chief____

I know most of you that have any lives at all, don't watch as much TV News/Listen to Radio Talk Show/ Read Newspapers, in the summer time as we do in the cooler months. Just to much else to do, we let Washington DC take care of business, and then come fall, we wonder just what the Hell happened?

So just a quick update: Our illegal Kenyan born Prez{he is probably legal, but calling him an Illegal Kenyan drives the left nuts, thus adding to the fun} continues to run us down the road to Hell in a Hand Basket. Cap{Crap} and Trade/More Apology tours begging the Islamics and Euros, to forgive us our sins...which I suppose include the sin of saving their sorry asses from total destruction during and after WW2. And of course who could forget Socialized Health Care, the take over of the Auto Industry...yep, this son of a bitch promised "Change", and by gawd, change he is giving us. Folks are finally waking up, the question is..."Will enough of us, wake up in time?"

And now our beloved pretender-in-chief has shown his true colors....by bashing the Cambridge Police Sgt, and saying he acted "stupidly" for arresting his radical black professor buddy, Mr Gates, Obama has shown once and for all, HE IS A RACIST! Always has been, always will be. Of course Barry is back peddling, because the few non-lap dog press outlets{Fox News, Talk Radio, etc}, have shown him for what he is....A half black radical child of the 60s, a hater of the Constitution, and a blatant Marxist and Racist...You think that's a little harsh? You ain't seen nothing yet...this guy is out to destroy the Republic, and it's our job to do what we can to stem that destruction. Question is, are we/you up to it?

Obama now has set up a meeting with Sargent Crowley and Professor Gates, to break bread and have a beer with him on Thursday...Crowley should spit it in their eyes!
Say what you mean, mean what you say!
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Photos-Patricia's "October Red" trim on the back door, surrounded by my painting project's "green" and beige...and Barack Obama and his fellow Marxist Travelers...AKA-"The Klan with a Tan"
update: Check out the recent comment from the gutless lib named Anon...the stupid Ho can't figure out the difference between Army and Air Force....I leave em' up on comments just to show how freaking stupid the average leftist is...way too funny-- prh 3/27/10


Harry J said...

The old place looks great Pat, just keep thinking Vinyl.....
as for my first experience with downtown Nha Trang I must admit I was a bit nervice, If I recollect right not to many weeks prior there was a grenade tossed into one of the bus's, and thats when they placed grates on the windows..

BRUNO said...

Indeed---the latest "buzz-word" is: "Here's your change!", as pertains to our "Anointed-One"!(sarcasm here, PLEASE!!!)

Ironic to me how suddenly---we aren't hearing as much as earlier in the year, about the public in-general arming themselves, stocking-up, creating an "arsenal" of weapons and ammo for private use. Suddenly, it's kind of a "Sh-h-h-h---don't bring THAT up!" sort of subject.

So, what the hell happened, P.O.T.U.S. "BARRY"??? Did all of us "little-people" suddenly "grow-up", and have now started to become a threat to you leftist "bullies"???

(Damned right I'm mad! I'm outta COFFEE, XANAX, and MONEY, to buy the same! LOL!!!)

Just jerkin' your chain, Pat! Have a nice---probably rainy!---day...!!!

Anonymous said...

The house is really looking good. I like the color scheme you chose.

Larry said...

If I was Crowley I would have declined the invite to the WH.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I'm with Harry J - vinyl is great! And yes, Obummer is the racist in chief.

BTW - Sorry, but I tagged you on some blogger linky love thing! I was told to include my favorite blogs!


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Hey Pat, from the looks of your work, you qualify to come down to Houston and help me do my place. Ha. Rain is not a problem around here.

PRH....... said...

How sweet Anon...yet another gutless lib, without the stones to leave a real name or location...have a nice life, you Obama Jock Sniffing Moron!

PRH....... said...

WoW worm breath "Megan" you sound like such an intelligent young women. I have a couple of questions and comments back at you however:

(1) Do you "satisfy" yourself with that dildo in your one story outhouse, covered with Obama posters?

(2) Have you ever worked a day in your life?

(3) Do you have a clue that the Air Force is not the Army? And nowhere do you see me call myself a "Hero" on any blog posts.

I choose to leave your and that other gutless pissant named anon comments up, as proof of your and all liberals ignorance....and since I retired at 53, my guess is you will be either, working at the local McDonald's or freeloading off the Government Welfare rolls long after that age...won't you?

Have a nice life, you slimy piece of trash...bye-bye!