Friday, July 10, 2009


Just a quick HEADS UP!!

For all Google Gmail users, who also have accounts on Blooger. A heads up to watch out for someone calling themselves The GMail Team. It doesn't come through as Spam and you will get threats and questions, they use a GMail address....

Dump it into your Spam Box as soon as you get it....I almost paid the price tonight...quick work by Google and GMail saved one big pain-in-the-ass. When I got back with help from the real google, I discovered a letter in my Draft Mail Box that was being sent out to receipents asking for Money because someone in England had lost their wallet.....and they need 1500 pounds to get them through.

Hope nobody fell for that one!

Feeling Like a Dumbass.....


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Anonymous said...

You'd think if there were people out there with those skills, they'd get a job and make some money. Why work your ass off to just mess up other people? But they do it.