Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jammin' and the rains miss Celina AGAIN!

Let it be known, I like dry weather better than rainy weather like that found in the Spring around these parts...but Celina could use a shower. As I neared my 6 hours on the ladder painting yesterday, the sky started to darken, and even though the talking heads were saying only a 20% chance of showers, it actually looked like we could get a nice hard rain. Finishing up, Patricia showed me the Radar, and there were some showers popping up around I-75 and were in a rare show moving east to west...the exact opposite of the usual west to east/southwest to northwest/or even south to north progress. As bad luck would have it, the showers split and missed the City completely, the Mercer County and others areas got it's rains, but we remained dry.

Sam and I then headed north and east to Lima, where we were scheduled to do a baseball game between the Lima Legion{as they prepared to head to Athens for the State Tournament} and the Lima Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are a collection of Lima area college and former high school players that other teams in summer college and Legion leagues use for practice...and they are a pretty good bunch of players. Using their ace lefty from Adrian College in Michigan{a former high school er from Lima Shawnee}, the Buckeyes took a 6-2 lead into the home half of the final inning(7th), with 1 out, the lightning started, so we shut it down....Sam and I stopped in Shawnee Township on the way home and the sky had opened up and it poured. All the way down I-75 towards Wapakoneta it rained, but when we turned west on US 33 heading to Celina, it stopped...Foiled Again! We may get some rain in the next few days or sometime this week, but for now, Celina remains dry.

Wednesday I head back to Lima for a final tune-up for the Legion as they take on Sam and his former OSU Lima teammates...then this weekend the Minster Pony Tournament, something Sam and I help out with every year begins. The Lake Festival is also on tap....and finally July 27th marks my 2nd year completed on this blog.

Jam Job_____

Patricia has always been a good cook, and knows how to can foods...with a full time job and care of our adult handicapped daughter Anissa, she does not have the time these past years for much of that. But this summer she has taken on, in addition to summer cleaning, some canning and gardening.

She took some of the Raspberries off our bushes and canned a few jars...it was good. Then yesterday she took the "unfuzzed" peaches{AKA Nectarines}, and made those into Jam. Now today, she will make Pear Jam....so far the berry and the Peach Jam have been excellent, looking forward to the Pear variety. Lots of work, but the end result is worth it.

My neck and upper back area is still feeling it from the muscle{?} strain....but not enough that I can't climb back on the ladder. I'm almost done with the east side of the house...that should take me an hour or so, then I tackle the front porch, and begin to thin the Ivy....the Sparrows that have infested it over the years won't be happy to see me...but it's gotta be done.

More baseball this week and at the end of the month, then it's Football time come mid August.

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Photos-Patricia's Peach and Raspberry Jams...with the Pear yet to come.


Larry said...

Hey, that Patricia sounds like a real frontier woman to me -- and Celina WAS in the "frontier" 200 years ago, eh? Don't work too hard, Pat.

BRUNO said...

We've had a lot of those "backwards-thunderstorms" lately here, too! Not to mention the northerly-winds, and the below 90's-temps!

Must be that damned global WARMING thing...???

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Home made jam.. Yes. One of the girls who works with me made a batch last week, and she gave me a jar.. Oh man it was good. Goes very well my breakfast toast.

GUYK said...

when it is dry in the winter and spring I am looking forward to those summer monsoons...but when they get here after a week or so i am ready for some dry weather...ain't never happy I reckon

Harry J said...

The last time I had canned anything was my Grandmothers Cherries and Blueberries freshly picked from the mountains of Pennsylvania. She would jar them and make pies all winter long.Um Um good...

Shrinky said...

Oh yum, Patricia's jams sure look good and tasty! I finished bottling up some preserved peaches myself today. The plum tree is getting ready to ripen in a week or two, so I may be making some jam of my own in a little while.

Sorry about your back troubles, hope it lightens up soon.

Deborah Wilson said...

The jams look good - peach and raspberry are two of my favorites!
On a hot homemade biscuit with Land o Lakes butter... That's what I need to plant - raspberries (blackberries too).

PRH....... said...

Patricia made up a batch of Pear Jam today....not bad. I'm set for the fall and winter, jam wise.