Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter/Half Blood Prince...Global Warming?

Went to Minster for my 6 month check-up yesterday, so didn't get at the painting...had my Blood Pressure checked and some blood work done...BP was OK 116/75(which I have my doubts, mine has never been that low, I'm thinking 135/78 is good for me)and the blood work will be finished today...frankly, at 60 and feeling good, I'm not to concerned, no matter how you slice it, I'm in the twilight of my time on earth, and I plan on enjoying what I have left.

Meanwhile the temperatures continue to be unseasonably cool for mid Summer...yesterday reached the low 80s, but with the breeze it was nice, today only the 70s, and only 68 for a high tomorrow...68? On July 18th? 68 is more like the "normal" low, but we are talking HIGH temps....How's the Global Warming lie working out for all of the Chicken Little types running around?

The Latest Harry Potter___

Patricia and I walked up to the Celina Theater about 6:30 last night to take in the latest installment of "Harry Potter"...This one being the "Half Blood Prince"...the name already put me to mind of our fearless leader Barry Soetoro Obama....I'm thinking more like "Barack Obama the Half Wit King" but then again I would be accused of being a racist or some other bullshit, if I would ever write down or say that....oops, just did. Accuse away left wingers, because that's what those without real arguments do.

Anyway, I've seen them all, although I've never read the books...the movies have been pretty easy to follow, well produced and acted...Having said that, stay away from this one, at least unless you are a "Harry Groupie". This one is long, 2 1/2 hours, rather boring, and really doesn't solve much at all in the grand scheme of things. The acting is good, the plot sucks, and few things are finalized...I won't say any more than that....but I would not waste my time or money on this one...besides, it will all work out in the end as well. So give the "Half Blood Prince" a 2 stars out of 5...meanwhile give the Obama Presidency a 1/2 star...and that's being kind.

Painting Progress___and the weekend

No painting yesterday, and probably not today either...I told Nick I would come over to the south side of the lake. With the cooler weekend coming up, if the rains stay away{and they have been almost all summer}, I will get back at it. So far with the new light ladder, the moving around has been easier, although I still have to use the heavy old wood 32 footer for the high spots...always a treat, especially since I'm not fond of heights, but can do what has to be done, when called on it.

That will do it for now...enjoy the weekend.

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Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Not bad on the BP at all. I am usually around 120-80 or so. I had a checkup yesterday and it was 122-78. I try and stay as fit as time allows, and I know you are very fit.