Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glenn Beck "Obama is a Racist"

Sitting around here it is noon time, and I have not done squat...was waiting to see if the 80% then 60% chance of rain would hit, and shut me out from today's 4 or 5 hours painting the outside of the house, the rains still have not appeared. Clouds, and maybe a drop or two overnight, but no rain of any measurable amount. So Patricia and I headed to Bob Evans to eat a brunch, and came back home. After painting the outside "October Red" trim yesterday, she is back at her summer cleaning of the inside, working on the upstairs as I type...meanwhile I sit here trying to decide what, if anything, to post, on today's blog...painting progress, the continuing building buy ups of our esteemed Celina City leaders....that and their threat of eminent domain against a local business. Our fearless leaders in an all out effort to turn the city into a massive taxpayer owned parking lot, and playground for the non locals who come to Grand Lake, are buying anything and everything, all on the taxpayers dime of course., while utility bills go through the roof, and our streets and alleys go to Hell. Well I just couldn't decide what to, I'll save the painting and Celina leaders for later in the week, and concentrate on Talker Glenn Beck.

Obama is a Racist, so says Glenn Beck (and I agree)____

After posting my "Racist-in-Chief" blog yesterday, I come to find out, that about the same time I was ranting on our fearless Kenyan Prez, Glenn Beck was on "Fox and Friends" and basically saying the same thing:

Seems right thinking minds do think alike. Of course the left wing loons in blogland and on the non watched outlets such as MSNBC and CNN are going bonkers...which I suspect is good for all of us.

Bottom line is, Beck has it right, Obama is a racist, doesn't matter if he was raised white, is half white, or whatever excuse the left wants to make. This guy was born a radical, lived with radicals, his friends and wife are radicals anti white, and anti Christian, he was a lawyer and a radical street organizer. Obama is a Marxist, a Racist, and anti American as they come. Those that don't believe it, need to get the blinders off.

This guy needs to be defeated at every turn the next 3 years, hopefully the majority of Americans will wake up....but I have my doubts.

Tomorrow, the City of Celina(Ohio) and our leader's obsession with buying useless buildings.

back later>>>>

Update: The so called Blue Dog Democrats are about to cave on the Health Care debacle being pushed in folks that are being served by them, better fire up the phone lines, and tell these SOBs, that they are toast in 2010 if they do.

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Anonymous said...

Obama has been coming out of the closet a bit lately. I think there's a reason why blacks call him "Our President" in contexts that imply exclusivity.