Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and the Aftermath

The Holidays are about to end...the folks dragging at work will finish this week off, then prepare for the usual New Year kickoff come Friday night.  It appears by that time rain will be on the scene, and we are scheduled to have highs in the 40s over the weekend(down from previous predictions of mid 50s and showers).

Most of our family was on hand....all of my kids, sister Marty's kids, Mike, Mom, and the various sons-in-laws and Hal's future wife.  Sister Kelly, her husband Mike, down in south Florida, and brother Mike's daughters and kids, with their families in Columbus, were the only ones missing.  Things went well at the Christmas Eve get together, and Christmas Day went without a hitch, except I managed to come down with a cold...albeit not a bad one.

Tonight it's back to basketball, with a double at Delphos, while Sam heads to Spencerville for a Girls JV game...Patricia and Anissa are in the Cincinnati area for a Wedding Shower for Hal's fiancee, Lisa...after the games tonight, Sam and I will head to Dartball to finish off our make-up games to end the first half of a rather dismal season thus far...hopefully things, team wise, and on a pesonal level will improve in 2011 and the second half of the season.

Saturday, after a year missed last New Year's Day...Clint and I will head over to Rick's for our annual, food, beer, and far the Holiday season has seen me gain about 4 pounds since Thanksgiving....hopefully I can get back on track.  I'm still down 22 since September of 2009....and checking the BP, it's still within range....back to the doctors on January 18 and 19 for blood work followed by the semi annual checkup, the extra pounds should be gone by then, if all goes according to Hoyle.

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