Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Meandering Mind on a Tuesday Afternoon....

Sitting around and realizing that I have not done much today....so I let meandering thoughts cross into and through my winter lager soaked brain cells....

Gas prices jumped above $3 a gallon last night in western Ohio.

 As I drove through Spencerville on my way to officiate in Delphos last night,  I notice the price for Regular Gas had jumped to it's highest levels in recent memory.  $3.19.9 in both Spencerville and Delphos.  By the time I drove home from the Dartball games in Celina at 10pm, the price locally had jumped to $3.09.9.  Basically the price of fuel had risen 20 to 30 cents a gallon in a few hours yesterday, depending on location.  Thus making my trips out of town to work sporting events that much less profitable....of course it also makes it easier to "write off" those games on my tax returns come 2012, if the prices stay high.  I don't blame the Oil Companies, although they shoulder some of our pain.  Wall Street Speculators, The White House "Grifter", Barack Obama, and the ever present over regulated government are the ones mostly responsible...anybody denying that observation is either a Liberal, a Damn Fool, or both.

King Barry and Queen Michelle in Hawaii...bend over Tax Payer.

Speaking of the Grifter and Queen Michelle, are their sorry asses still on vacation in Hawaii or our dime?  I think so....

Have their ever been a President taking more vacations in such a short time that this assclown and his wife?  Sure Bush2 and LBJ took lots of vacations, but at least both men spent most of them on their own property in Texas...The Grifter has not only never held a job, and no records even exist that he even went to college...he apparently has never owned his own place, at least one somebody else didn't purchase for him and his queen.  The Obummers spend more on one Air Force One trip than most of our houses are worth....and that's not counting the security costs.

Ohio State and the "Fab Five"

All of Ohio, especially it's die-hard Buckeye Football Fanatics, are all in a tither about the latest from Jim "Vest" Tressel, and his "Chosen One",  Quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.   Seems the self proclaimed "best QB in the nation" and some of his "Posse" have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, for selling off prized memorabilia that they received for the recent glory days of OSU Football.  The NCAA slapped a 5 game suspension on them...but is willing to let them play in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas next week, and hold off on the suspensions until next season...if the 5 choose to stick around.

Autographs for Tattoos, and a cool $500 each for golden pants, championship rings, and other items...seems the young lads cannot make it on kick backs and goodies from adoring alumni, so they sell off the crown jewels of their college careers....My question has been since day one.."If these violations are that bad, why is the NCAA waiting until next season to punish"?

Of course, stupid me, it's about ratings, and money.....duh!  As if we didn't know the NCAA, College Football(and Basketball), the BCS, and the Networks were all about money and ratings...

No games tonight or tomorrow...then a triple header for Thursday, with a double dip at Russia(Ruh-She), Ohio, on Thursday morning, followed by a girls high school game on that evening.  After that it's off until next Tuesday, January 4th.  The annual New Year's Day trip to Rick's and the beginning of Dartball's second half are sandwiched in-between games.  In the meantime I will try to rack my brain and come up with something worth writing about in this, the dead time of outdoor activity.

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