Friday, December 3, 2010

Much ado about very little...

I was going to talk about the Wikileaks document dumping of US "Secrets", it's founder, and the little faggot Bradly Manning who, because the military won't allow him to sell his perversion openly while in uniform, instead sold out his country, and the need for both "men" to be tried, convicted, and executed for treason.

But I figured, what the Hell?  The lame stream media is all over this, with some wanting Assange's head, and others saying, it's is right to leak...some disappointing supporters of this clown are a couple of Fox News talkers, who should know better, Judge Anthony Napolitano and Consumer/Libertarian John Stossel.   I understand their reasoning, but war is war, and treason(by Manning) is treason.  Anyway, I "was" going to write about Wikileaks...but figured "Screw It"...I'm sick of it, and politics in general, and pass enough of that along on my Facebook page(click logo on top right border).  Here is the Judge and Fox News' left wing hack Shep Smith discussing the issue, while the support for Wikileaks by the weak kneed Smith is no surprise, the Judge gives himself a black eye and a boatload of lost respect.

So, what to discuss.....?

Aches, pains, cold weather?, which, along with some snow, is expected to last into the coming weeks of December.  Basketball?  2 more games last night, with a JV Boys game at Wapak tonight, then 3 games tomorrow, 2 Junior High Girls games at Elida, in the morning,  and another boys JV at Continental tomorrow night.  Either way, my mind, whether from the personal cold, which is starting to subside, the weather, or the 3 or 4 Extra Stouts I downed last night, is in a fog this I've decided to talk about......?

Drawing a blank here...maybe I'll figure out something to write about by days end, or over the weekend, or maybe I'll be back on Monday.  Meanwhile, another cup of Coffee, put my coat on, and walk to the bank...about a half mile, in the 30 degree cold, but it's sunny, and maybe, I'll clear my head....regardless, God willing, I'll be....

back later>>>>

Photo-With Judge Napolitano and his latest support for the Wikileaker Julian Assange, is sounding more like his unrelated namesake, The Iron Dyke, Janet Napolitano, the so called "Head" of Homeland Security(Oxymoron Alert)

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Debie Elliot said...

I always read your blog. I know when I am working on a story for the paper sometimes I can find all kinds of things to say. Other times, I have to walk around, clear my head and approach it later. Maybe when you least expect it, you will have it right there. Each day is a new day and more material