Wednesday, December 15, 2010

de-Bugged! and December, a month of family Milestones

Whatever was ailing me finally went away, at least for now, but plenty of other "issues" to keep me occupied.

Yesterday about 7am Patricia and I headed for Lima Memorial Hospital, so she could get a, requested by her doctor, colonoscopy...things went a-ok/all clear, and we were home shortly after Noon.  I was back working to fire up the Snow Blower, changed gas, but still no luck, so I pulled the plug, and will replace the plug and maybe the plug wire today, to try one more time to get it running...guess it's at the point that it may need one more trip to the repair shop, and maybe a new replacement machine before next winter.  Maybe I should get the large garage heated as well, a costly proposition at best....ah yes, decisions, decisions.

Sam arrived home from Ohio State for Winter break yesterday in time to work a basketball double at Lincolnview, meanwhile I was here in Celina for the same...a boys Junior High double.  Tonight we will attend a rules meeting in Van Wert(Sam still needs two sessions to fill his quota)...on Friday he heads for Georgia for a few days to attend a friend, who goes to Georgia Tech, graduation....a few of them will travel down I-75 to Atlanta to escape the cold and snow for a few days, although it doesn't look much warmer down there.  Youngest sister in Naples, in south Florida, e-mailed saying it was in the low 30s that far south, now that is rare, especially for this early in the season.  Heck, winter doesn't officially arrive for another 6 days.  Speaking of is 4 above zero as I type, heading for a high of maybe 22 this afternoon.  But sunny with no snow until at least tomorrow.

December in the Houseworth Clan_____

December is probably the most noteworthy month in the Houseworth Family, at least as far as milestones.  Dad was born on the 10th(1917), died on the 24th(1972).  Grandma Wilda was born on the 21st(1883), Aunt Cecil on the 7th(1901).  Sam was born on 12/17/81, Patricia and I were married on the 18th in 1976.  Cousin Gary was born and died in December, born a week after brother Mike in 1946, and died in early December a couple of years ago in 2008.  His sister Linda was born on New Year's Eve in 1941.  More cousins from the Pratt and other family lines were also born in the final month of the year.

My oldest and only brother Mike was born on this day(15th) in he turns 64 today.  I am sure there are many more that I am missing or just plain have slipped my mind, but December in the Houseworth family is a busy month to be sure.

back later>>>> along with brother Mike in late 1956 on the Venice Jetties posing with a Jewfish that dad had landed.  And then in the Spring of 1959 in front of the house on the Venice Byway before heading off to the varsity and jv little league in Venice, playing for the Venice Elks team.

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FHB said...

Happy birthday to your brother. Enjoyed the post about your dad too. He sounds like a cool guy.