Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Trillion Dollar "Thumbing Nose at the Taxpayer" Bill/The IRS=Nazi SS, etc

Heavy snow goes south of Mercer County, so we missed this one.  Youngest son Hal, just informed me that the Dayton area got 3 or 4 inches of snow and it's still coming we are some 65 miles north, with just cloudy skies...which is fine with me.  I'm still working on my snow machine, and after borrowing the new one of Mom's yesterday, I've blown out the driveway enough for this week. 

Year End Political Grumblings___

I've been staying away from the political stuff of late, waiting and watching, as our Kenyan and Thief, Barry Soetoro continues to play nice with the GOP, trying to salvage what's left of his sorry excuse for a Presidency.  So far the DC Republicans are falling for his BS like sheep to the slaughter.  What the Hell do these clowns think happened on November 2nd?  Did the voters say..."Business as usual"?  That's not what I saw in the results.  I can see the lame duck and outgoing Democrats trying to spend us to death, but not the Republicans, who will be coming back, going along with the Trillion+ Dollar Budget:
Now bear in mind that Politico is a left wing cyber rag, not as far left as HuffBlow and Daily Kos, but still a mouth piece for the this article, while to be viewed with a jaundice eye, is not some far right penned story.  It will interesting to see if the GOP members have the guts or numbers to shut down the Government rather than passing this "stim-you-less" package of pork...I'm betting they don't have the stones.

I worked for local and state government for 20 me, with the exception of the military and those processing Social Security checks, etc,  the Federal Government could be shut down for a year, and nobody would care except the "workers"'s an out of control, bloated beast, that needs a few appendages cut off.

Here comes the American Secret Service...after you____

In World War II Hitler had his SS, in the 21st Century, the American Government has the IRS.  And it's growing in power and size:                      

Of course the Yahoozer(another DNC/Obama mouthpiece cyber rag), headline says "Wealthy" taxpyers.  What it really means is some poor sap and his family that owns a local Dairy Queen or shoe store.  Those folks that create a few jobs are "wealthy" in the eyes of Democrats, Liberals, and the IRS goon squads.....

Simple minded Americans voted for "change" in 2008 in the form of a half baked Chicago lawyer street pimp....they didn't like that change, and tried voting the tax and spenders out in 2010.  I'm sorry to inform all, that it's probably too late.  The bureaucrats and judicial branches are too entrenched in spending ":your" money.  The political branch hasn't the guts or votes to say "NO".  We are doomed to continue to walk down this road to destruction, because we have been on the Nanny State Express for way to long, and don't know how to jump off.

Back to basketball officiating tonight...something I can deal with, I no longer have the mindset to even try to change or convince others to grasp hold of what is happening in this once great republic.

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Photos-With the exception of freedom of speech, and in some areas, the right to bear arms, this nation no longer looks much like the one that our forefathers envisioned....and unless something changes, we are doomed to grow weaker as a people and nation.


Debie Elliot said...

I think if the Post Office shut down especially now, everyone would notice.

PRH....... said...

Not part of the Federal Government Deb...a totally separate division, not funded by the annual budget.