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Pearl Harbor Day 12/07/41 and Basketball Blow Out!

I slid home on icy roads after Dartball last night...another disappointing evening of tossing.  After two plus hours of running up and down a basketball court, my legs and body are not quite up to par tossing the large wooden and feather darts 20 feet with great accuracy.  We win just one of three at Rockford Methodist and drop to 3 wins 12 loses, while I get two measly singles and my average falls to a Spartan .313, still tops on the team, but showing just how bad a first half we have had.  More on the basketball part of the evening later in this posting.

December 7, 1941_____

I always have fancied myself as a History Buff...especially American History.  I  find most interesting the Civil War and World War II  periods of America.  In the case of the World War II and the Depression before hand, are a time, for better or worse, that America came of age....the current situation of the Republic, in my opinion, is America at it's worst.  A bloated, lazy, populace in which we see people on Government Unemployment for as much as 3 years, after the latest "extension" is passed in the next couple weeks or so.  A President, who if even a legally born citizen, which is doubtful, is a hard core American hating Marxist, and has surrounded himself with people of like minds.  America, unless we change our ways, has seen it's better days fall behind us.  We are becoming a nation of witless slaves, an "entitlement" society at it's worst....much like Europe, and we soon will be passing them in our dependence on "The Nanny State"....that is our lot, it seems.

That also was quickly becoming the case in the 1930s under FDR...he was the forerunner to Barack Insane Obama...but war came a-calling, and put a damper on Roosevelt's plan for a Socialist Obedient Society...December 7th of 1941 was a wake-up call:


In the 1930s and early 1940s Germany and Japan were today's Islam.  Back then we knew exactly who the enemy was....in today's politically correct world, Americans, especially those on the left side of the aisle, refuse to see, or admit they see the enemy...and unless that changes, we, as a nation and a republic, are doomed.

On to lighter fare.......

What do you do when it's a blow out?______

Last night I worked a Junior High double header here in Celina, before heading off to Rockford to toss Darts.  In the early part of the season, I have officiated several "blowouts" of girls Junior High games and High School JV as well.  Scores of 49-10. 36-10, 26-8, etc.  None more so than last nights opening 7th grade boys game.  A much taller home squad pulled out to a 39-0 lead midway through the 4th quarter, after leading 23 zip at the half.  Yep, you are reading it right...39-0!  And the team they were beating has a proud history on the basketball court, with several State Champions crowed in both boys and girls action.   But last night, being the first game of the boys season, was not going well for the visitors.

I've been asked before, "What do you do, or how do you officiate a game that is completely out of hand"?

Some officials/umpires would answer "Just like it was a tie game".  Not me...especially in a lower level game.  You have to let things go...well, you don't have to let things go, but sometimes, it seems necessary to me.  Do you call the same, traveling, moving screens, common fouls, etc, on a team down 39 points with a few minutes left...do you call them the same on the team up by the same.

I don't believe you try to help out the team that trails...but you have to use some common sense.  If the calls are obvious, you make the call...if it's is "iffy" or "border line", I tend to let it go, especially if no safety factor is involved.  The team that's ahead, you use that as a learning tool as well...you make the call, so they know, that during a tie or close game, those calls are going to be made.  It's a slippery slope, but I'm not one to believe you can call all things equal, in a 39-0 blow out.

As for last night's game...the trailing team got a foul call that went their way, scored 2 free throws with about 3 minutes left, and that was it...the final was 45-2.  The 8th grade contest saw no such problems, and the home squad pulled away in the last few minutes and won a hard fought 33-25 contest.  Tonight, as luck would have it, I travel to the school of the teams on the losing side last night....hopefully, the contests, especially the 7th grade game, will be a much more competitive, in which I can officiate "straight forward".

69 Years Ago Today....I salute the few men that remain from the Jap attack on American Soil.  Those events and fault will be discussed by future generations of "historians"...but there can be no doubt that the face of America was much different 3 generations ago, and the question of whether we can return to our former glory and mindset is still up in the air.

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Photos-The West Virginia on 12/7/1941, Dartball last night was another in a long season thus far, and the Newspapers of December 8, 1941, did not worry about being "Politically Correct"...those headlines would not be seen in today's limpwristed press...not even on Fox News.

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