Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Hockey Shocker in Philly....Duke Wins without Kylie Irving....

As a long time Philadelphia Flyers hockey fan, I had a rare chance to pick up last night's game played in Philly on Versus TV.  The Flyers have not beaten the San Jose Sharks, in a decade(although they only play once a season at most)...and after taking a 4-1 lead with just 12 minutes left, it seemed that little streak was about to end....but not so fast Gridly!  The lowly Sharks proceeded to score 3 goals in the next 4 minutes to tie things up at 4.  There were still 8+ minutes left in the game, and both teams had a few shots at taking the lead, San Jose actually had 2+ minutes of a power play, but neither team could score, and the game went to Overtime.  Click on the link to see the goals, and be sure to take a look at the end of the 5 minute extra session:

I have never seen such a close call...the Flyers lost out on that, and you just knew the game would not end well for Philly, it didn't, and Philadelphia's decade of losing to the Sharks will continue.  The final was 5-4 in a shootout which saw Philadelphia fail to dent the net.

Not all bad for the Flyers, they pick up a point, and still rank near the top of the Eastern Division...but now stand 3 points behind the hated Pittsburgh Penqueens, who are in the mitts of a 11 game winning streak.  But still a long way to go, and a few up and downs for each team in the league remain.  Here are the standings as they look this morning:

During these long winter months, and it appears they will be long and cold this season, the NHL and College Basketball are by far my favorite sports fare on the tube.

#1 Duke moves to 9-0___

I've been rooting for Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils for almost as long as the Flyers, well not quite as long.  I became a Duke fan in the mid 80s when K came on the scene, been rooting for Philly since the "Broad Street Bully" days.  Always like the way "K" coached and the type of players that came to the Blue Devils.  Student Athletes in more than just name...this year they have a shot at Mike Krzyzewski's fifth title, and his second "repeat" in the past 20 years.  Last night they took on a over matched Bradley Braves team, despite being without the phenom Freshman Kylie Irving, who is sidelined for, who knows how long?, with the dreaded "turf toe".  An injury that sounds funny, but is anything but, and can send one out for a season if not properly treated and rested.

Last night, even without Irving, Duke had no trouble with the Peoria, Illinois, squad:

The Blue Devils ranked #1 in all polls(Ohio State is #2 which works for me, being a Buckeye fan as well), should have no problem for now in the absence of Irving....but I'm guessing for them to compete for Coach K's 5th NCAA Title, the Freshman will need to return sooner, not later.

After a night off from basketball wars yesterday, I am back at it.  This afternoon I will be in St. Marys, at it's new school and gym, for a Junior High double header between the home Roughriders and rival Wapak. Tomorrow night at long drive to Miller City for a boys high school contest, then on Saturday a double header boys JH back here in me 9 games this week, in addition to the ten I officiated last week.  7 games next week, then things slow over the Christmas/New Year break, before picking up full steam in the month of January.

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Photos-Flyers blow a lead and a game in a shoot-out, Blue Devils go 9-0 to start the season, and Ross Homan, a local product from Coldwater and a All Big Ten performer at Ohio State can attest to the problems that "turf toe" can cause...he missed an entire season because of the injury that Duke's Kylie Irving suffered against Butler.

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